Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 448

“Cheers to the new year and another chance for us to get it right” – Oprah Winfrey


There is nothing wrong with having visitors in your house but when they start interfering with matters of nation importance it becomes a problem. Making love with your man is the main business in a young marriage. I am not sure if it’s the case in old marriages. It’s not a secret that in many old marriages making love is a luxury. If he gives you more than one round a week after more than 8 years of marriage you should consider yourself lucky. The point I am trying to make is that it’s not nice to be disturbed when your man is making you feel like a woman. That was my moment to cuddle or prepare for another good one. Mpho wanted to run naked to see what was happening with Eunice. I grabbed him by the balls and told him there was no way he was going to let another woman see the reason I smiled every morning. I told him to get dressed first. I got dressed as hubby put his jeans on. I followed as he ran to investigate why Eunice was screaming. The first person I thought of was Mpho’s aunt. I couldn’t help it but think maybe she had escaped from hospital. Maybe she wanted me and unfortunately Eunice got beaten up instead of me. Eunice was not in the lounge when we got there. We checked her bedroom and she was also not there. She was nowhere in the house. I called her number and it rang on the couch. Mpho and I started getting worried. “Babe, I think we should call the cops. Maybe she was kidnapped. But how did the kidnappers gain access to our house? I think we should look for a new house after the wedding babe. This place is becoming very unsafe,” Mpho said with a worry all over his face. I told him it was too soon to involve the cops. We decided to look for her all over the complex and to our disappointment she was not there. It was getting clearer and clearer that she was indeed kidnapped. We decided to head back to our house. I was starting to buy the idea of calling the cops. When we got to the house Eunice was sitting on the couch opening something that looked like a present. Mpho looked at her straight in the eyes asked where the hell she was.


“Chill guys. You look as if you just saw a ghost. This is just a present I got from someone I met when I was in Cape Town with your father. It’s not a biggie. Are you okay?”. Mpho and I were pissed beyond limit and she acted as if there was nothing wrong. Imagine getting worried about someone and they are all smiles. Mpho asked why she screamed like she was under attack. She went “when I got a call to come fetch my present at the gate I screamed. All women do that when they are happy. You can ask your wife if you don’t believe. I heard her screaming like a donkey many times”. I was defeated. I didn’t have anything to say. Mpho went back to our bedroom. Eunice’s present was a very expensive-looking necklace. She told me she was going to wear it at my wedding. I almost told her she was no longer welcome at my wedding. I got worried for no reason. Mpho called me to come to the bedroom quickly. When I got there he handed me his phone. There was an SMS from a number with more than 20 digits. The SMS read “You have no blessings from anyone with this wedding of yours. Your family is not happy about that girl. I can’t believe you are choosing her over your family. Do you know that your aunt will be your ancestor when she dies? Anyway, I will be at the wedding if it happens”. It’s nice being black but when a death or wedding happens you will see true colours of black people. Everyone has an opinion and they think theirs is more superior than others. Marriage is a personal thing. People must be allowed to choose who they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Black family members and friends will tell you who they think is the best partner for you. I asked Mpho what we should do about it and he said we should do nothing. He didn’t seem disturbed by it. He told me he suspected his cousins from North West. He told me they were probably angry because he put their aunt in hospital. I reminded him of the other SMS he received and he assured me that nothing was going to stop our wedding. He told me he would beef up security at the venue if I had worries.



I wanted to tell my mom about the SMS but Mpho told me not to get our parents worried over jealous people. I kissed and told him that I was happy he was there to protect me all the time. He went “you are my wife and it is my duty to protect you. I regret being nice to my extended family. They are taking advantage of me. They probably think you will force me to stop feeding and paying for their education”. I told him I was not going to force him to stop doing things for his family. He shook his head. We slept early that night because we had many things to do the following day. It was a day before our big day. We woke up around 6am and drove to Hartbeespoort to check if everything was in order. Eunice wanted to go with us but I told her it was not necessary for her to go with us. The problem with having friends very involved in the organizing of your wedding is that they might end up doing things that they like instead of helping you with your dream wedding. Eunice wasn’t even a real friend to me. We only got to be close because we survived crap together. We drove to Hartbeespoort playing romantic music. Mpho reminded me how he good he was when coming to singing. Whenever he sang I fell more in love with him. When we got there the venue looked marvelous. It looked like a mini heaven. The wedding coordinator went all out. Mpho reminded me that she only went all out because he gave her thousands. I didn’t care about how much he spent, all I wanted was to have my best wedding. Lehlohonolo Sedie, the founder of LHS Distillery & Brewery was also there. He told me he brought branding material for his VTK Vodka. I remembered that he was one of our sponsors. Mpho told him to work with our wedding planner. I so wished I was not pregnant because I wanted a sip of my favourite vodka. He actually had a glass in his hand as we spoke. Mpho told me not to even think about it. Lehlohonolo looked at my tummy and went “congratulations ma’am. That’s all I am going to say for now”. I smiled and told him I had nothing to say to him. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my pregnancy.


To be honest, being pregnant and getting married can give one an emotional orgasm. It gave me assurance that my baby was going to be raised by both mommy and daddy under the same roof. After leaving the wedding venue we headed to Sandton to fetch our imported clothes. On our way back to the house Dick called to ask if we needed anything from him. Mpho told him everything was on track. He didn’t sound very happy. Mpho asked if everything was okay and he went “my sister discharged herself from the hospital and no one knows where she is. My team looked all over and we can’t find her. My worry is I don’t know what she is planning”. Mpho told him not to worry because he paid some security company to make sure no mangamanga business at the wedding venue. Dick didn’t sound convinced because he knew his sister very well. We reminded Dick we booked him and all invited family members at hotels and lodges not far from the wedding venue. After talking to Dick I called my mom and gave her an address and details to the hotel we booked for her and Marcus. She asked if I made arrangements for Selfie’s mom because she was on her way to Pretoria. I went “yes mom, I already SMS’d her all details. I wish dad was going to be there to walk me down the aisle”. My mom told me that Marcus was more qualified than my father to walk me down the aisle. Mpho and were booked in at The Palace of the Lost City in Sun City. It was just over 100kms to the wedding venue. Mpho told me he organized a helicopter to fly us to the venue the following day. To hell with this thing of a groom not allowed to sleep with his bride a day before the wedding. Whoever came up with that rule was probably on periods the day before her wedding. I wanted to ride my man for the last time before walking down the aisle. After doing all preparations we drove straight to Sun City. I was so disappointed because hubby didn’t wanna make love. He told me he was tired. Early in the morning we flew to Hartes in a very fancy helicopter. Just before landing Mpho went “babe, this is the best day of my life. I promise to be the best husband ever. I promise to be the best father ever. I promise to be the best friend ever. I promise to be the best provider ever”. Immediately after landing a white limousine was waiting for me. It took me to the area we booked for my make-up and getting dressed. Just as I was getting out of the limo I saw wheelchair wheels in front of me.


“You thought I wouldn’t come neh?”








Hi Fam,


Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a fruitful 2018. I am going to make a big announcement on Sunday. Don’t stay away from the page and blog. #BeSharon #2018


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This damn aunt is bloddy persistent.
O ka re she can be hit by a truck and dies nje.


But Sharon how can you go mia for such a long time ehhh


It’s wednesday already? Where’s the big abouncement.



welcome back, great read you were missed big time Shayounce, some of us were suffering from withdrawal symptoms


Nah is JT is not the aunt, remember she was hospitalised so thers no way she can miss Sharons wedding


I finally made it, caught up before the big announcement. Long time but I’ll keep up!!