Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 450

“If you want to be happy, make yourself happy. Do not outsource your happiness to other people”


Everytime a tragedy strikes we are told everything happens for a reason. We are told God has his own way of doing things. We are told not to question God’s way of doing things. Regardless of which religion you subscribe to, it is not easy to swallow pain. You will try to invite God to the equation but the pain will not evaporate immediately. Pain of losing someone you love wholeheartedly will make you feel like you someone is pulling a placenta from your womb. Those who experienced losing something they love will agree with me on this one. I looked at Mpho lying there motionless and my heart became a stadium of pain. With my tears and rain competing for a marathon of flowing, I found myself kneeling down to check what was going on with my husband. Within few seconds I learned there was no any bullet wound on him. There was no any flow of blood on him. My expensive wedding dress was wet and dirty. The pastor was busy praying for the devil to delete himself from the wedding. Dick, my mom and Selfie’s mom were the first people to come check what was going on. With tears blocking my sight, I saw the gun man smiling and walking away. I wanted to run to him but my legs were locked in pain. Dick called Mpho’s name more than 10 times. I think he was expecting him to answer. My husband’s motionless body was lying there unresponsive with massive drops of rain doing vosho on him. Selfie’s mom went “fire fire fire fire fire madimoni go go go go away. Mpho is married my son and satan is disturb. Fire fire fire fire fire fire”. Within few minutes I saw white foam coming from his mouth. Dick said “WTF….someone poisoned my only son. We need to get an ambulance here as soon as yesterday. Some witch poisoned my daughter”. It was at that stage that I remembered Mpho said one of his cousins gave him juice. It was the only thing that went through his mouth that particular day. It was quite clear Mpho’s aunt used one of her kids to commit her dirty work. I looked at my mom and asked “will my husband be okay?”. She nodded and said nothing. I could see that she was wearing a worry in her eyes. Dick kept screaming for someone to call an ambulance. The guards ask our quests to move away from the scene. People were busy taking videos and photos. It has become a cultures for smartphone owners. Even when you need their help they rather stand and take videos. Will live in a very sad era.


I was down on my knees with Mpho’s head resting in my arms. The white foam coming out of his mouth was getting worse with every second passing. Luckily the ambulance arrived quickly. When I saw one of the paramedics shaking his head I knew Mpho would not make it. His father told me to remain positive. They carried him to the ambulance with a stretcher. I was right next to him in the ambulance praying to God and ancestors to save my loving husband. A wedding is supposed to be every girl’s greatest moment. It is supposed to be a day that makes you smile even after 40 years. No girl deserves to go what I went thru on my wedding. When we got to the hospital they took Mpho to one of those scary hospital rooms with many machines. I was asked to sit on some cold couch. They told me the doctors would give me an update as soon as they were done with their work. My mom and Mpho’s family arrived shortly afterwards. My mom gave me a hug and advised me not to lose hope. To my surprise Mpho’s sick aunt was part of the group that arrived with Mpho’s father. She went “I said this before and will say it again. These Limpopo people have been planning this for a long time. That is the reason they didn’t want me at that wedding. They wanted my nephew dead for his money. I am not buying these fake tears. I give them an hour to bring him back or there will be hell to pay”. That was the most horrible thing I heard that year. I was in pain and expected everyone to support me. The person I suspected was behind my man’s death situation was literally accusing me and my family of planning to kill him. I was so pissed I couldn’t even hide it. I grabbed her throat and bit her hand. By the time they tried to separate us she was already bleeding. Dick went “what did I do to deserve a sister like you? You are always surrounded by drama. I wish you were the one lying there fighting for your life. Can the security guards please take this woman out? My son is fighting for his life and I really don’t have time for drama”.



Luckily the security guards managed to get rid of the witch. My mom wanted to handle her the Limpopo way but the securities managed to stop her. One of the doctors came to give us an update. I was the first to stand up and ask if my man would be fine. He looked at us with tired eyes and went “We are trying the best we can. At this stage I cannot promise you anything. We will do our best”. Doctors are very stingy with information. They will never tell your man is about to die. They will always leave a room for hope. He advised me to go change my wedding dress because it was wet. I told him I was not planning to leave until I see my man. He nodded and went back to join his colleagues. My mom’s phone rang and she outside to answer. She looked very worried after the phone call. I asked her why she was wearing worry on her face and she whispered “it was the Venda prophet. He was telling me to take you now and leave because the people who are responsible to what happened to Mpho want you dead”. She whispered because she didn’t want other people to hear her. I told her that I didn’t take anything from her prophets seriously. She tried to convince me to leave but I couldn’t. I wanted to be there for my husband. Dick’s phone rang and he too went outside to answer. Twenty minutes passed without him coming back. One of his uncles went outside to look for him. He too didn’t come back. I was starting to get worried. My mom wanted to go check them but I advised her against it. I had a feeling something bad was happening. I didn’t have my phone with me. I asked my mom if I could use her phone and she agreed. I made a call to JT and asked her to organise some of her friends to organise security for me. She told me she was still at the wedding venue and things were bad. I asked what she was on about but the line got cut before she could answer. I called back but couldn’t get through. I wondered what she was talking about when she said things were bad. I suspected the call Dick received was about the situation at the venue. I couldn’t go there myself because of the state Mpho was in. I told my mom what JT said and she went “my girl, open your eyes. These people killed their own child. What do you think they will do to you?”.



My mom was so protective of me. Whenever her prophets and sangomas planted their nonsense in her head she would start panicking and force me to do things I didn’t agree with. I told my mom not to jump into conclusion because we didn’t know what was going on at the lodge. My mom’s phone rang and she told me it was the number I called earlier. She handed the phone to me and I answered. JT went “eh ntwana, things are very bad here. I think you should go to Limpopo for your safety. I don’t know these people but one of them is blaming you for what happened to Mpho. They are baying for your blood”. I asked if Mpho’s father was there and she told me she had not seen him since the ambulance took Mpho. Everything was a mess. I was starting to believe what my mom said. After the call my mother asked what the caller was saying. I looked down and said nothing. Ten or fifteen minutes later one of staff members at my wedding brought my handbag. She told me she thought I might need things like phone and money in the bag. My mom asked how she knew we were at that hospital and she left without answering. I asked my mom why she was being rude to her and she went “I don’t trust anyone. What if she was sent by the very same people who are trying to kill you? You must open your eyes girlie”. While I was arguing with my mom I saw Mpho’s cousins walking in. My mom wanted to tell them to leave but I told her it was okay. One of the cousins went “Sharon, we are not here to fight with you, all we want to know is why you poisoned Mpho? Is it about money or what?”. Her question almost made me die on the spot. Dick and the uncle that disappeared with him appeared from the door. Dick looked like he just escaped from a hostage situation. He asked what was going on and his niece told him they got information that I poisoned Mpho. Dick told her to stop dreaming. The girl asked Dick to search my handbag. I handed the handbag to Dick because I knew there was nothing to hide in my bag. I wondered what game the girl was playing. My mom went “no one must search my daughter’s bag. I can’t sit here and watch you humiliate my daughter like that”. She grabbed the bag from Dick. Mpho’s cousin grabbed the bag from my mom and quickly emptied the contents in front of everyone. There was a small brown bottle among my belongings.


Dick picked it from the floor and asked “WHAT IS THIS NOW?”






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Damn, Shaz is being framed!!!
This is bad!!!!


Ijooooh….this is very bad.
Welcme back though Shaz, we had missed you


shit…this girl is seeing another side of life.yoh i feel for her


the Vendas are behind all this drama. remember they told you that you can’t marry another man while you are still their daughter in law. blame Mpho’s aunt as much as you can but the truth is right there in your eyes.