Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 441

“Every time I read your Diary my heart skips, especially with scenes where there is like something bad is about to happen. It feels like I am part of the story and it feels so real. My dear you are doing a great job. I applaud you. I have read Diaries but none comes any close to yours” – Tshegofatso Patricia Modibedi (DOSC-M reader)


The pain of being cheated by someone you really love is on the same level as period pains. I know one is physical and the other is emotional but they both leave equally painful marks. I always hear girls saying you should not follow a trail that will lead you to a heartbreak. They say all men are dogs and they should be left to do their dog business in peace. My sister, if your man has two legs he can never be a dog. He has no right to cheat on you. There is nothing wrong with following a trail that will lead you to where your man whores around. Seeing for yourself is better than hearing it from haters. Those thoughts were playing chess in my mind when I pushed the door. I wanted to close the door and run away but the movements the girl was making had me standing by the door frozen. The girl was on top of him shaking like she had a body of a snake. He was sleeping on the floor with his eyes closed while she was busy making squeaky sound on top of him. I know it sounds wrong but I was jealous. Those moves were the kinds that make a man leave his wife and kids and go stay with the side chick in shack. She seemed like someone who studied BSc in Shakiology. Eunice’s reaction was the same as mine. It was like we were watching a professional adult movie live. When the girl saw us she stopped moving. I expected her to jump or something but she didn’t. She looked at us and went “what the hell are you doing here? Can’t you see I am entertaining my man?”. He was still lying on the floor with his eyes closed. It was quite clear he was enjoying whatever he was getting from her. He didn’t even open his eyes to check who she was talking to. He went “if it’s that girl we had a threesome with please tell her to go away. The only person I want now is you. Nxa plus she lazy. You did all the work while she lay there like a goat that just gave birth to twins. Please continue with what I bless you to do. You stopped while I was about to come. Now I have to go back to scratch”. The girl told him it was not the threesome girl.


He opened his eyes. For few seconds I thought Dick was going to grow wings and fly. Eunice went “Shaz, did this girl just turn Mpho into an old man? I thought Jobe was bad but this girl takes the cup”. Dick pushed the girl and reached for his clothes. He put both his legs in one leg of the trousers and Eunice laughed. I couldn’t laugh because it was awkward to see my father-in-law in that state. If it was another person I would have cracked. He went “what the hell are you doing here? Go away bana ba baloi”. I grabbed Eunice’s hand and we left the office. She didn’t want to leave. She asked if that was Mpho and I told her he was the father. She asked a stupid question because it was not the first time she saw him. She saw him for the first time when he came to drop Mpho from KZN. She went “did you see his dick? I envy Mpho’s mother and that girl. That old man is baeble shem. Is he rich?”. I told her if she still wanted to be my maid of honour she should try to have some honour in her. I told her the guy was married and that I wouldn’t approve it to have my father-in-law chow my friend. She apologised and told me to have some sense of humour. I started asking myself about Mpho. If he was not in his office and not the one shagging that girl, where the hell was he? Eunice suggested that we should check other offices. I told her seeing Dick busy with that girl made me weak. I was not emotionally ready to see Mpho in action like his father. Imagine seeing your man being ridden the way you will never ride him. I told Eunice that we should just go back home. She went “no no no no my friend. We need to find evidence now. If your man is cheating you should stop the wedding. How are you gonna say “I do” to someone that cheats? Let’s check the other offices. Maybe he is in there doing what his father was doing to that girl”. Dick appeared from the office door. He was fully dressed you would swear he was not the same old man who was busy on the floor. He looked fatherly.



He went “I am very sorry you witnessed that. What do you want here?”. I told him I was worried about Mpho not being at home after 9pm and decided to look for him. I reminded him of what happened in Durban and that I was always paranoid. He went “Mpho used my car and left his here. I think his phone was off when he left the office”. I asked why he told me he didn’t know about Mpho’s whereabouts when I called him. He rudely replied “do you want me to follow Mpho everywhere he goes? If this is how you gonna behave then Mpho has bigger problems in his hand. You can’t go around looking for him like he is some kind of a girl”. I could see he was getting pissed, so I chose to stop asking questions. I was pissed he was shagging girl in the company I was about to own as Mpho’s wife. The girl he left in the office shouted “Dick, Dick ….I still need that dick. Tell those girls to join us. Maybe you should call your son and tell him there is more stock for two of you”. I couldn’t stand that crap anymore. I left the building and headed to the parking. I told Eunice not to say anything because I was not in a mood for nonsense. We got home same time as Mpho. Eunice walked to her bedroom to give Mpho and I a chance to talk. I think she could see I was very pissed. Mpho went “since when do you leave the house at night without telling me? Where were you?”. Men can be selfish sometimes. Instead of apologizing for coming home late he was trying to find something to blame me with. I said “you have never been home late from work. I called your phone and it was off so I drove to the office. The security guard told me you didn’t leave the office complex. I was worried about you”. He shouted at me like I was a kid. He accused me of behaving like an uneducated insecure woman. I went “Mpho, we just survived death. Do you expect me to sit here at home while I don’t know whether you are okay or not? The least you could have done was to pick up your phone and tell me you were delayed. I wasn’t gonna ask why. All I wanted was to know if you are okay. If caring about you makes me insecure then fine”.


I headed to my bedroom to cry. I was hurt because he disrespected me. I wanted to share the good news with him but I couldn’t. I even thought of terminating the damn thing the following day. Imagine having a baby with someone who insults you for caring. I cried myself to sleep. I didn’t even hear Mpho when he came to bed. He woke me up early in the morning to iron his shirt. I went “no Mpho, you can’t insult me like a kid and then expect me to be your maid afterwards. Apologise for what you said last night first”. He told me he was not going to apologise because he did nothing wrong. I went “do you know that your father is sleeping with girls in the offices? Is that what you do? Is that the reason you were angry at me last night?”. He told me he didn’t have time to talk crap. He took a bath and ironed his shirt. When he was done he told me to meet him at Mall of Africa at 13h00 for meeting with the wedding planner. I went “I can’t believe you want to talk about the wedding when you are failing to answer simple questions. What is the use of a wedding if you gonna call me an uneducated woman”. He ignored me and left. Eunice came to my bedroom as soon as Mpho left. She went “my friend, I heard you guys arguing last night. I think your husband is cheating. Men start useless fights when they feel guilty about cheating. If you have money hire a private instigator to follow him. You will thank me later”. I told her to leave my bedroom. I was stressed and she was telling me nonsense. I was in bed until 11h30. Mpho called to apologise for the way he spoke to me the previous night and in the morning. I told him it was okay. He reminded me about our meeting and I promised to be on time. I took a bath and changed into jeans and tee. Eunice wanted to go with me but I told her it was not necessary. I called Mpho to asked where will I find him and he said Life Grand Café. When I got there he was drinking juice. He told me the wedding planner was few minutes delayed. I jokingly said “I hope she is not the one who kidnapped us”. I asked to go to the bathroom because I was pressed. When I went back to our table Mpho didn’t look happy. I asked why and he handed me the phone which I had left on the table. He told me to read the last message.


It read “congratulations on your pregnancy my love. Why didn’t you say a thing when you were at my house?”









Hi Guys

I am in a long distance relationship and we only see each other once a month (weekend that is). My girlfriend of 2 years is unemployed but she’s always tired. Whenever I want to make love she will postpone to later. I  try to suggest BJ, she doesn’t want to at all. Tried to suggest anal ahhhh still not interested. We only make love once for the whole weekend. Is she seeing someone or she doesn’t feel me anymore?




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