Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 447

“The problem with Sharon is that she trusts women too much and she keep bringing them to her house and that is very dangerous. Ladies….never let ANY woman near your man….family or no family” – Khahliso Mohapi (DOSC-M reader)


We are always told that sangomas are part of our culture and that we should not look down on them. We are told that for centuries long before white people introduced their religions and western medicine sangomas played a very huge role in black people’s spiritual and health lives. I grew up in a family that believed in both Christianity and ancestors. I was introduced to those things at a very young age. When I grew up I sort of turned my back on sangomas. I also turned my back on prophets because they failed to help me on several occasions. I was only forced to consult them by my mother who believed in them wholeheartedly. When that sangoma said those things before we could even greet I got worried. It was like someone briefed her about out visit. My mom screamed “Siyavuma”. I almost asked if she was a supporter of Cyril Ramaphosa when she screamed ‘Siyavuma”. The sangoma continued “I see darkness and water. I see a river flowing. Vumani booooooo”. It was difficult for me to say ‘Siyavuma’ because I was not agreeing with the things she was saying. All I wanted was to get married to my man. I asked how she knew all those things because she was not God. I couldn’t sit there and listen to her painting my wedding with every black brush she could land her mouth on. My mom told me to keep quiet because the sangoma knew what she was talking about. I went “mama, I know you mean well but the only thing we gonna get from this lady is more fear. I don’t want to live my life in fear because of her. Let’s go home before you waste money on another useless sangoma. I am tired of being lied to”. Before I could head to the door the sangoma went “I see a dog that drank your poison. I see a very wicked woman who is doing everything in her power to sabotage your wedding. I see three dangerous men sniffing their noses everywhere. I see darkness. Vumani booooo”. It was at that stage that I sat still and paid attention to the sangoma. Mentioning the poisoned dog made me believe she was the real deal. My mom whispered “I told you she knows what she is doing. She is the one who helped me when I wanted promotion at work”.


I asked the sangoma if she was able to help me with the solution to my problems. She told me she would give me something to protect me from all the problems I was going to face. She mixed her things and handed them to me when she was done. She told me to use one that looked like petroleum jelly as my lotion after bathing. With the powder one she instructed me to eat it after breakfast in the morning. The liquid one was for bathing. My mom gave her R500 and we left. Marcus asked how everything went and my mom explained. I asked my mom if those things really worked and she asked if I had a better idea. I asked my mom to lend me her phone to call Mpho when we got to Phillip Nel. Mpho told me his aunt laid assault charges against him but his father sorted them. I asked if she was still there and he told me she was admitted at the hospital. I was proud my softie boyfriend taught her a lesson. I told Mpho I was sleeping at Phillip Nel Park and he was cool with it. He went “it’s just me and Eunice in the house. My father and his wife left earlier”. I went silent for couple of seconds. After what Eunice did with Dick there was no way I was going to trust her with my man. Mpho asked if I was still there and I went “yes babe. Network is bad here. I will call you later”. I handed the phone back to my mom. I thought to myself “with the witch in hospital I don’t have to use these sangoma things”. I waited for my mom and Marcus to go upstairs. I knew they wouldn’t come back downstairs anytime soon because my mom loved bedroom entertainment. I opened my mom’s handbag and took R700. I walked to the street and caught a taxi to town. From town I used a bus to get me to Gautrain station to catch a train to Midrand. It was such a struggle for me to use public transport because I was used to my own car. When I got to Midrand station I used a metered taxi to get to my house. I couldn’t call Uber or Taxify because I didn’t have a phone.



The security guard at the gate asked if I was hijacked and I asked if he sent people to hijack me. His question was stupid. You would swear it was his first time seeing a beautiful woman using a taxi. I got off at the gate and walked to my house. On my way I bumped into OB, his baby mama and their child. I passed without greeting them. I didn’t want any drama. My mind was occupied with what was happening in the house. I didn’t trust Eunice. When I got to the house Eunice was watching Trace and Mpho was in the bedroom. He was so happy to see me. He went “I didn’t expect to see you here today. I thought you were sleeping in Pretoria West”. I told him I missed my husband. My phone, which was on the bed, rang. It was my mom. I ignored it and within few seconds Mpho’s phone rang. He answered it. My panic-stricken mom told Mpho I was missing. He told her I was with him. I could hear everything because he put her on loud speaker. She shouted “why is this child so stubborn? She is not safe there. Your family wants to kill her”. Mpho told my mom not to worry because I was safe. He explained that it was just us in the house. My mom was not happy but she gave in. I think her biggest worry was the fact that I left the stuff the sangoma gave me at Phillip Nel. I was not planning to use them because the person I was terrified of was in hospital. After the call Mpho and I kissed. I asked if he checked the bathroom because I didn’t want another intruder. He laughed and told me his aunt was in ICU. We kissed for more than 10 minutes. He asked why I had a funny smell and I told him the truth. I told him my mom took me to a sangoma. I thought he was gonna be angry but he wasn’t. He said “I understand why your mother took a decision to take you to a sangoma. I blame my aunt. My father would have done the same if I was in your shoes. While you were away I received a funny SMS”. He handed me his phone. The SMS read “Good luck with your wedding my friend. We wish you all the best in your marriage. From KZN Crew – The People Who Do Not Forget Their Enemies and Friends”.


He told me he tried to call the number back with no success. I told him it was probably someone pranking him. We laughed and continued with the kissing. He undressed me and took off his shirts. I asked if he wasn’t worried about the baby swallowing and he laughed. When you are in love with your man your body’s engine will be ignited the minute he sends sexual suggestions. I was already turned on and ready for my man to do me well. He got on top of me and I stretched my legs. The friction his dick made when he penetrated made me realize how much I loved Mpho. If making love to your man doesn’t make you fall deeper in love with him then you are with the wrong person. He grabbed my back and squeezed me closer to him as he plunged in and out with soft thrusts. I asked him to suck my nipples. Women should not be scared to tell their men how they want to be entertained during love making. If you go quiet he will assume you are happy. Men are naturally sexually selfish. If you don’t think for yourself they will give you a raw deal. Tell bae how you want him to do it and you will see heaven. When he sucked and licked my nipples I felt my blood getting warmer and muscles relaxing and tightening at the same time. He licked my neck and I screamed louder. Gentle neck kisses are the best, especially if a man knows how to play with his tongue. A man must know a difference between ice cream and his woman’s skin. Mpho was so good I wanted him to lick me forever. His dick was fully lodged in my very wet vjayjay doing the going in and out in a cadenced fashion. I screamed “babe ….babe ….babe I am coming ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I am co….”. Suddenly my voice got stuck in my throat and all joints on my body went weak. Mpho squeezed my butt and increased the pace of his strokes. Like 3310 my whole body vibrated. When Mpho went “ahhhhhhaaaaa aaaaahhh ohhhhhhhh yes oh yes oh yes…. God is great” I knew he made it rain. He stopped with the strokes but remained on top of me with his hard cock still inside. I was at my happiest moment. If your man’s dick doesn’t make you forget your problems, you are with a wrong man mtase. Your bae’s dick must have powers of a doctor, psychologist, priest and everything combined.


Immediately when he got off me we heard Eunice screaming from the lounge.








Hi guys,


The letter will follow later.




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