Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 449

“I never pray for riches or all earthly goods. I pray for the Lord to give me intelligence to survive the cruel world” – Lehlohonolo Sedie


When I was a kid I used to ask my father where satan lived and his answer was always the same. He would carry me and say “satan lives with us. He breathes the very same air we breathe. He drinks the very same water we drink. He walks with us. He listens to our conversations. Sometimes he tells us what to do and we listen. You see my child, satan does not want to see us doing beautiful things. He does not want us to be nice to one another. He gains weight when we fight. It’s so easy for him to make us fight because he lives within us”. My father’s voice was running thru my head because of the things that happened leading to my wedding day. Everything that happened was written satan all over it. But because I believed in the power of GOD I knew nothing would stand on my way. God’s power is like a strong wind that punishes anything that stand on the way. Seeing JT sitting on a wheelchair made me smile and cry at the same. I had made up my mind that my best friend was not going to be at my wedding. She looked at me and said “Ntwana, ke shapile breakout at hospital. There was no way on earth I was gonna miss your wedding. You are my favourite person on earth. I am here to see you smile. Abashwe”. I was so touched I couldn’t hold my tears back. I got out of the limo and kissed JT. She went “eish ntwana mara le wena you lack timing. Wa bona gore I got a puncture but o nyaka go mponyedisa. How am I gonna shake it?”. I laughed and told her I was just appreciating the fact that against all odds she managed to make it to my wedding. That’s what I call a best friend. Not these friends who would not come to your wedding because they were not the first people to receive an invitation. I asked her how she got to the place and she told me she charmed one doctor at the hospital to drive her to the lodge. JT was so charming it was difficult to say no to her. Even straight girls were attracted to her. She chowed many prominent ladies, from doctors to lawyers. I was one of the stats.


I asked one of the people who were hired to help me to take JT to one of the empty chalets. Black people will make you book accommodation for them and not rock up. When you don’t book for them they make you front page headlines on their mouths. When JT left I headed to my dressing area. There were flowers all over. The staff told me it was Mpho’s idea. My husband was so romantic. Just before they could start with make-up some girl entered. I asked what she wanted and she kept quiet. She handed me a phone. There was a call in progress and I said “hello, who is this?”. The person on the other line said “as far as we know you are still our daughter-in-law. A woman cannot get married when she is marriage. In our culture we have to perform a ritual to release you before you can move on. Stop the wedding now or else you won’t like what will happen”. I tried to catch the voice but failed. I couldn’t even link the accent to someone I knew. It was a Venda accent. Before I could respond the person hung up. The girl grabbed the phone and ran away. We were so shocked none of us thought of running after her. I immediately asked one of the staff members to hand my handbag. I called Mpho but his phone was off. I called his father and fortunately he answered. I told him what had just happened and he laughed. I asked him why he was laughing and he went “I beefed up security in this place. Everyone who is here is our invited guest. I have hired more than 15 security guards my daughter. Don’t stress about small things when I am around. Maybe it was your friend playing a prank on you”. Daddy was probably right. I suspected Zee was behind it. She was jealous I was getting married to the best man in the world. My second suspect was Carol. She probably hired someone to scare me because she wanted my hubby. I thanked daddy for putting my mind at ease. The ladies continued with make-up. When they finished I looked in the mirror and saw the most beautiful girl ever. When the make-up people left a fashion stylist from Italy entered. Mpho went all out to make me the happiest woman on earth. It took me more than 45 minutes to get dressed.



My mom and Selfie’s mom came to the room to see me for the last time before walking down the aisle. The tears in my mom’s eyes almost made me ruin my make-up. I wanted to cry. She went “I know we have walked thru this road before but this time I can feel it is real. This marriage is going to be permanent. I know I don’t like some members of this family but I feel you will be safe in Mpho’s arms. Marriage is a very difficult institution. You need to be strong”. Selfie’s mom interrupted and said “my son price the Lord. Me and family is support you tot and tot. Amen”. Mpho called to tell me someone saw his aunt in the area but the security guards were failing to locate her. I asked if we were safe and he assured me that nothing was going to spoil our big. I told him about the call earlier and he went “babe, there are jealous people out there. They are trying to intimidate us into stopping this wedding. Let us not give them that satisfaction. We are continuing with this wedding. My dad and his men will make sure we are safe. Babe, I love you”. I gave a sigh of relief. My mom told me Marcus would walk me down the aisle. Selfie’s mom gave me a hug and said “very handsome shem”. When they left I asked my team to also leave because I wanted to pray alone. I closed my eyes and said a prayer, “Dear Lord, I place everything in your hands. This is a big day for me and I need your maximum protection. Evil forces are trying to sabotage my wedding but I know nothing will defeat you Papa. Lead this beautiful even until the last minute. In the Mighty NAME OF JESUS, AMEN”. Immediately after opening my eyes there was someone in front of me. He told me to keep quiet and follow all instructions without trying any tricks because he would kill me right there. He didn’t have any weapon in his hands. I asked him what he wanted and he went “I want you to dump Mpho just before the vows in front of everyone. Failure to do so will result in death. I want you to embarrass him in front of the whole world. I want him to pay for what he did in KZN. We don’t kiss and forget. We are the KZN Crew”.


I was terrified. Imagine someone doing that immediately after a prayer. Maybe my prayer was using a Tuk Tuk to get to heaven. It was still on its way. I asked him what Mpho did to them and he went “just do as you are told or there will be hell to pay. Bye bye Sharon Letsoalo”. I was shaken after he left. I was pissed at Mpho’s father for the security breach. He made it clear that he was going to protect us but there he was failing. Our enemies penetrated the security easily. I called Mpho but his phone rang unanswered. I called Dick to tell him what happened. He laughed and went “you watch too much movies makoti. This place is 100% secured. There is no way a person can penetrate this security. Don’t let your imagination spoil your day my child”. He hung up on me. I was so mad he thought I was lying. I even thought of dropping out of the stupid wedding. Marcus came to fetch me. I told him I was not ready to continue with the wedding. He told me it was okay to be nervous. I went “I am not nervous Uncle Marcus. I am scared. People are threatening to kill us”. He told me to concentrate on being the happiest bride and stop thinking about negative things. It seems like I was the only one worried at that wedding. I closed my eyes and gave a sigh. There was a red carpet from my room to the wedding ceremony area. I walked with Marcus holding my hand. There was branding material of VTK Vodka all over the place. Dozens of photographers were taking pictures and videos as I walked on the red carpet. At some stage Marcus let me walk alone because he couldn’t deal with the flashes. As I was walking I saw the guy who threatened to kill someone amongst the photographers. He was busy taking pictures. I couldn’t do anything because everyone was watching. I faked a smile and continued walking. Mpho was waiting for me and next to him was some hot pastor. Mpho didn’t look okay. The first thing I whispered was “are you okay babe?”. He whispered “I have a very stinging pain in my belly. Don’t stress babe, I will be fine. I don’t want our unborn baby to be stressed”. I asked him what he had and he told me he didn’t eat anything but one of his cousins offered him orange juice. In my mind I was thinking “hope they didn’t poison my husband”. The pastor kicked off the ceremony. He spoke about how it was nice to always have the presence of God in the marriage. He went on and on until time for vows came. I went first. Just as I was about to speak it started raining. The pastor told me it was a good sign. The rain was following by thunderstorm out of the blue. I looked in the crowd and saw the cameraman hitman taking a gun out of his jacket. Before I could tell Mpho a very loud thunderous lightning closed my ears and eyes.


As I was trying to compose myself I saw Mpho lying on the floor.








Hi Guys,

As I mentioned before, we are taking Diary to TV. It is my wish to have Sharon played by one of you. This could be your big break. Check the previous post and do what needs to be done. You could be SA’s next star or inbox me for more details. #BeSharon




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  1. “we are taking Diary to TV” this is long over due, reading from the beginning i was always convinced this can be a great Series, from student life in sunny side and and and, i cant wait keep us updated

  2. Ish Mara mathata seems to follow these people.
    I hope no one dies.
    Thanks for the post.
    I have a feeling JT will save the day somehow.

  3. I would have loved to be sharon or zee..Sadly I’m in Kenya. I’m excited about the diary bring a series though. #besharon

  4. Wow, I think I could play Sharon as I am a yellow bone a very beautiful one at that and always wanted to act hle… keep us updated.

  5. I’m so addicted to this diary I’ve been having mini meltdowns waiting for the next episode …and would mos definitely love to play THE SHAROAN LETSOALO

  6. Does this mean you are no longer going to post episodes on this platform? And pls the time gap between episodes are just too long.

    1. I guess that’s why we’re waiting for long for the following episode coz u r busy with this TV idea. We need just one insert-nyana plz Sego

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