Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 456

“When you are on top do not look down on those who helped you to get there because should you fall they will be the ones to catch you. Respect people who contribute to your hustle”


The world is becoming a very dangerous place for women to live in. Women are abused by their partners everyday. Everyday we read or hear about a man killing his partner. We read about men failing to accept that the relationship ended and a woman ending up 7 feet underground. We read about girls being raped and sexually assaulted. We read about young girls being kidnapped and used as shag slaves in foreign countries. It is becoming very unsafe for women to live in a country that is famous for having one of the best constitutions in the world. Soon women will be forced to have bodyguards because the world has grown thorns against them. When I felt the hand covering my mouth I knew I was in deep kak. “Don’t make noise. I promise I won’t hurt you. I just want to help you. You are not safe here. Be a good girl and I will be a good boy. I will lead you to the car in silence,” he whispered in a soft voice. My heartbeat rate increased on the spot. I didn’t expect anyone at the door. With my mouth still covered he led me to his car which was parked outside the gate. I didn’t even know how he unlocked the gate because no one had keys except for people who stayed in the house. I was pushed to the back seat where I found two males. They were all wearing black clothes. They didn’t waste time, they hit the accelerator and the tyres became one with the tar. My eyes were covered for over 30 minutes. I think they didn’t want me to know where they were taking me to. The whole situation reminded me of the day I was wrongly kidnapped. It was those situations that made me question the existence of God. I mean, I had just gone thru the most painful stage of my life and instead of Him giving me a break He was letting criminals abuse me. No one said a word in the car until we reached some house in what looked like an expensive suburb. My mouth was naked at that stage. I asked what was going on and one of the guys assured me that my life was not in danger. I asked why they took me away from my home without my permission if my life was not in danger.


“I think you should just keep quiet and do what you are told. All you have to know at this stage is that no one is going to hurt or kill you. You will sleep in that bedroom over there. Don’t scream or shout, just rest as much as you can because we have a long day tomorrow,” the guy that kidnapped me said. He was pushing me to the bedroom as he said that. He locked the bedroom and left. My phone was taken from me. All I had were the pyjamas I was wearing. Within few minutes I heard cars leaving the house. Judging by the silence I think I was the only person in the house. I tried to force the door to open but failed. I looked all over the bedroom and there was nothing I could use to help me. I retired myself to bed. I struggled to sleep for hours because of many thoughts going through my mind. I didn’t know what those people were planning to do with me. One of the thoughts that dominated my mind was how the so-called advocate knew that Dick was outside the country. As far as I was concerned Dick didn’t tell anyone that he was in hiding. I passed out and my thoughts were substituted by nightmares. In one of my dreams I saw Mpho’s hand trying to reach for me. The strange thing was that whenever I tried to reach for his hand it moved further away from me. It went on and on until Mpho disappeared into some scary smoke. I tried to cry but Dick covered my mouth with a black cloth because I was attracting attention from wrong people. Mpho’s aunt was standing in front of me dancing and laughing like a mad person. My dreams were stopped by the door opening. A lady walked in with a tray in her hands. She greeted me with a smile and put the tray next to my bed. She didn’t greet or say anything to me. She left the bedroom without even greeting me. She came back few minutes later and threw a white envelope on the bed. “Please initial every page and sign the last two pages. I will come back later to fetch it,” she said with a straight face. As soon as she left I took the envelope and tore it apart. I didn’t even want to see what was inside the envelope.



I was hungry but couldn’t eat the food I was given because I didn’t trust those people. I couldn’t help it but think they were trying to kill me. An hour or so later some one-eyed guy came and asked if I was okay. I didn’t respond to his question. His phone rang and he answered in front of me. I think he was talking to his daughter because he referred to her as ‘daddy’s little girl’. After the call I tried to fake a smile and sat straight on the bed. “How old is your daughter?” I asked. He asked how I knew he was talking to his daughter and I told him I saw a huge smile on his face. My response made him smile. The dimples on his face made him so attractive. “I don’t know you but I can see you are a good man who loves his family, particularly your daughter. Imagine if it was her being held against her will in some strange house. How would you feel as her father? Please make a plan for me to go and I will do whatever you want,” I begged him. He appeared like a softie to me. Soft guys are easy to convince. He asked if I meant it when I said I would do anything for him and I nodded. He went to the door and tried to open it. I think he was making sure that it was locked. “Well, it’s just us in the house at the moment. I can make a plan for you to escape. You will have to do something I always wanted to experience,” he said. When a man says that you must know he wants something to do with his dick. I closed my eyes and prepared my mind for what was about to come. I was had already made up my mind that I was going to give him whatever he wanted. I was going to choose blow job or a quick hag over my life. I opened my eyes and asked him to tell me what he wanted. With a spice of shame on his face he said, “I want rimming. I have always dreamed of it but none of the girls I do want to try it. You need a favour and I need rimming. You do it now and I will free you. Do we have a deal?”


As adventurous and kinky as I was, I found rimming disgusting. I looked at the guy’s big body and the only thing I could think was the white stuff between his butt line. I wanted to get out of that house alive but there was no way I was going to give him rimming. “With all due respect Sir, please come up with something. I don’t think I have capacity to perform what you just asked. Let me rather give you a blow job,” I pleaded. He told me he was not interested in BJ, only rimming. I thought for few minutes and an idea dawned in my head. I told him to take off his pants and bend for me. He was so excited he took his pants off within 4 seconds. I looked at his behind and saw a map of brown stuff and almost puked. I pretended to be moving slowly towards his back hole while secretly grabbing the knife from the tray that the beautiful lady brought. I tickled his balls and he started laughing like a kid. Men are so stupid when they are horny. You can literally make them do whatever you want. I had a knife in my other hand. “Please turn around to see what I am about to do to you,” I said in a very seductive voice. The second he turned his head around I aimed for his eye with a knife. With a speed of a cobra I stabbed his right eye and juices started flowing. I could tell the pain he was feeling was unbearable judging by how he screamed. All his eyes experienced load shedding. I grabbed the plate full of food and hit him on the head. I gave myself a pat on the shoulder when I noticed he fainted. I searched his pants and took out the key. He didn’t even have a gun with him. They probably thought they didn’t need to be armed because I was just a little girl. I remembered the guy told me it was just us in the house. I unlocked the door and ran down the passage. The kitchen door was locked and I didn’t have a key. I ran to the main door and it was also locked and the key was not there. I tried the door that led to the garage and it wasn’t locked. I tried to pull the garage door up and almost danced when it went it opened swimmingly. I thanked God and my ancestors. I knew the gate was probably locked so I planned to jump over the fence. Just as I was exiting the garage the gate which was few metres in front of me opened. I tried to run back to the garage but missed the step and fell to the ground. By the time I tried to stand up the driver of the car had already seen me. He quickly got out of the car with a gun in his hand. He was wearing a balaclava on his head. His body structure looked familiar. “Dad, please don’t shoot her,” said a very familiar voice from behind me. Before I could turn around to confirm what my ears heard I heard two gunshots.


He jumped in front of me and the bullets hit his chest. Blood splattered all over my face.






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