Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 11

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 11


Ayanda was like a thorn in a shoe. It was so difficult to believe someone I used to regard as a sister would go to such length to ruin my relationship. I actually believed she was gonna do the abortion. By doing so she was gonna give our friendship another chance in future. I couldn’t believe she wanted to carry a baby she made with my man. I was disappointed in her. I looked at Keletso like she had just spat shit. She went “chomi why do you look shocked? Don’t tell me you didn’t know Ayanda was pregnant. Well, now you know. But she doesn’t wanna tell me who the father is. I suspect Peter…the guy who owns taxis in Brits. I remember they once shagged in his BMW. I doubt they used protection”. She said that followed by a thunderous laughter. I asked myself if Ayanda knew I was coming. When you know you slept with someone’s husband the least you can do is to leave when you hear she’s coming. I threw my handbag on the floor and asked “where is that bitch? She has gone to far this time. It’s time to show her I am the boss”. Keletso seemed shocked by my reaction. I think she was expecting me to be happy for Ayanda. She didn’t know the cow was carrying Lesley’s baby. Her mouth froze. I walked straight to the garden because I knew she loved chilling that side. Keletso followed me asking endless questions. Ayanda was sitting on a towel sipping juice when I got to the garden. I didn’t waste time by asking questions. I kicked her on the stomach and pulled her hair. I wanted the bastard she was carrying in her womb to die. She tried to stand up but I kicked her knees and she fell like a tree. I kicked her once more until she started screaming. I pulled her hair again and hit her on the ear. You can take a girl out of Seshego but you will never take Seshego out of a girl. I wanted to show her I was not Julius Malema’s home girl for nothing. Sometimes being a lady does not help. A girl must stand up and defend what’s hers. Ayanda crossed the line twice and she had to be taught a lesson. But the time Keletso pulled me Ayanda looked like a victim of Tsunami. Keletso went “Tshwarelo, what’s got into you? Are you trying to kill Ayanda? What the hell did she do to you? Are you crazy? How can you hit a pregnant woman? OMG, this Limpopo girl thou?”. Hearing the word pregnant made me more mad. I escaped from Keletso’s grip and kicked Ayanda again. The bitch managed to stand up and ran for her life. I grabbed a glass from the floor and threw it at her. I wanted to kill her. I wanted to teach her my man was mine and mine only. If you don’t teach hoes a lesson they keep dancing on your head.



Keletso grabbed me again and asked what was wrong with me. I couldn’t talk for over 30 seconds. That’s how angry I was. When I managed to calm down I said “Ayanda has been sleeping with Lesley and I only found out a day before my wedding. Can you believe it Kele? She was my best friend and maid of honour for heaven’s sake. Imagine how I felt when I learned she was pregnant with Lesley’s baby…”. Before I could finish explain I saw dust on the lawn. That’s how fast Keletso ran. She was shouting “WTF, she deserves more beating. This time I’ll be doing the beating. What kind of a friend sleeps with her friend’s husband?”. Luckily by the time she got to the other side of the house Ayanda had managed to get out of the gate and ran for her life. Keletso wanted to run after her but I told her not to because of the attention from neighbours. She was fuming. She apologised for defending ‘that hoe’. That was one of the reasons I loved Keletso. She was one of those ladies who stood on the side of truth. She gave me a hug and told me not to stress because she had ways to deal with people like Ayanda. I didn’t even ask what ways because all I needed was for the bitch to be dealt with. Keletso gave me a glass of water to calm down. She was like “I always suspected something was wrong with that girl. I never fully trusted her. I don’t ever wanna talk to her. If she sleeps with your man it means she can sleep with all her friends’ men. Let’s take her out of our lives”. I thought of calling Lesley but decided against it. I wanted to talk to him in person. I wanted to look straight into his eyes and tell him the hoe didn’t terminate her pregnancy. I told Keletso I wanted to go home to sort my family problems. She asked if she should go with me and I declined the offer. When I got to my house Lesley was parking his car in the garage. It was not his style to come back early from work. I remembered he said he was taking me out for dinner. Mxm only if he knew I was not in a mood for crap. He asked why I was not answering his calls and I ignored him. I parked my car and headed to the bathroom. He followed me. He watched as I urinated. He went “babe, we just got married. We just got back from a very beautiful honeymoon. Can’t we just be a normal couple. How do I love you when you are always angry? Maybe you are not ready for this marriage. Are you having second thoughts?”


I couldn’t believe his nerve. He was the one going around impregnating girls but still had guts to tell me I was not ready for marriage. Nxa some men are full of it. I wiped my punani and flushed. Lesley reminded me to wash my hands. I looked at him and said “nxa”. I washed my hands and headed to the kitchen. He followed me like he was a chick and I was a hen. He went “did you buy the dress? There’s a very nice restaurant in Rosebank and I want us to try it”. I didn’t respond to everything he said. I opened the fridge and took out an Ice Tropez that I once left before we got married. Lesley asked why I wanted to drink that time of the day. Still I gave him silent treatment. Sometimes silence is the only language men understand because when you talk to them they think you are that irritating mosquito on their ears. I sat on the couch and started reading Cosmopolitan magazine. He shouted “ENOUGH TSHWARELO. STOP ACTION LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD NOW. How are we gonna sort our problems if you don’t wanna talk to me? I didn’t marry a mute person. You gonna put that stupid magazine down and we’ll talk like adults. DO YOU HEAR ME?”. He said that with authority. I think he was trying to get me all shaky. Mxm his plan didn’t work. I continued reading my magazine. I wasn’t even reading, I was paging over just to ignore him. He grabbed the magazine and threw it away. I stood up and pushed him. As I was about to pick up the magazine from the floor he grabbed my throat and pushed me to the couch. He said “do you want to be treated like a child? Huh? Are you a teenager?”. I opened my mouth for the first time and said “teenager is your mother”. The next thing a hot slap landed on my cheeks. Lesley hit me…he hit me. It took me couple of seconds to really believe that my husband laid his hands on me. It was that kinda forceful slap that makes one feel like they lost teeth. I went “did you just hit me Lesley? Did you……just hit me? First it was your girlfriend Ayanda fighting with me because I confronted her about not terminating your pregnancy and now you do this to me? Did you know that Ayanda beat me up today? I I I I am done with this shit”. I was sobbing as I said that. I took my car keys and headed to my car. He followed me apologising for hitting me. I didn’t wanna hear any of it. No woman deserves to be beaten. Once a guy starts hitting you he’ll never stop.


I opened the gate and my eyes were confronted by a van of cops.




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