Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 12

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 12


That moment when your day goes from bad to worse. When a wise Tswana man said “nyala o nyele” he knew what he was talking about. I didn’t even know where I was gonna drive to. All I wanted was to be away from Lesley. Seeing cops gave me a little shock. The first thing I could think of was what happened at Keletso’s house. It never crossed my mind that Ayanda would go to the cops to report me. Maybe she wanted to get me arrested so she could have Lesley all to herself. That’s what I thought to myself. You’ll never know with these man snatchers. They are always on some take a man tip. One cop got out of the car and walked straight to my car. He went “Mrs Mpofu, congratulations on your wedding. Pity I couldn’t come because I was on duty”. Ooookay…. I didn’t expect that one. To start with, the words came from a mouth I hadn’t laid my eyes on before. I expected something like “you are under arrest”. Lesley was standing next to my car at that stage. The cop shook his hand and apologised for being late. I got out of the car and asked what was going on. Lesley went “It’s okay officer. My wife and I were about to go for a drive. You found us just in time. If you follow me to the house I’ll give you the documents you need. It’s okay, you can leave your car at the gate”. Bloody bastard!!!!! He knew I wouldn’t be able to drive out because the cop van was right in front of our gate. He walked with the officer to the house and I remained standing next to my car like I was a fool. I waved my hand at the cop that remained in the car and he ignored me. Mxm he was probably stressed for not making enough coke money that day. I sat in my car waiting for Lesley and the officer to finish their business. I checked on the mirror to see if I didn’t have a blue eye. Luckily there was nothing. Lesley had soft hands. Most Xhosa guys have soft hands. When I saw no sign of them coming out after 30 minutes I decided to go back to the house. My anger had calmed down at that stage. Lesley and the cop were drinking whiskey and talking about soccer and politics. When he saw me he said “I’m very sorry for keeping you waiting my love. I’ve not seen this old friend of mine in ages. We were catching up. We’ll go for a drive later”. I faked a smile and said cool. You can fight with your man but when he’s in front of his friends or associates he deserves some respect, unless of you want your personal issues splattered on every Tom, Dick and Dumisani’s lips. I wondered what kind of business they were doing. The bloody cop was drinking booze in official uniform. And you still wonder why crime is out of order. Welcome to South Africa.



I went to my bedroom and slept. Sleep is the most effective therapy ever. I felt fresh and relaxed when I woke up. My anger was 80% gone and I was thinking straight. When I walked out of the bedroom door I was greeted by a delicious smell oozing from the kitchen. Lesley was preparing dinner for us. As much as I was mad at him I appreciated his efforts to put a smile on my face. Seeing him going up and down in the kitchen made me smile. I went “I am sorry about what I said about your mother. I was angry but that’s not an excuse to disrespect your mother like that. Your mom is so good and loving towards me. I shouldn’t have let anger drive me to that level”. He turned around and said “I am the one who should apologise for hitting you my love. I shouldn’t have done that. You know it’s not in my nature to be physically abusive. Please forgive me. Next time we should sit down like adults and sort our things. You can’t give me silent treatment when you are angry and nami I shouldn’t hit you. Truce?”. We hugged and kissed. I helped him to finish cooking. He wasn’t a chef in the kitchen but his food wasn’t bad. As we were about to eat he went “babe, I don’t mean to open wounds but you said something about Ayanda beating you. What happened? I thought she was out of our lives”. I remembered I lied to him about Ayanda beating me up. I decided to add concrete to my lie. I said “I went to visit Koketso and Ayanda was there. She told me she wasn’t going to terminate her pregnancy. When I told her about the agreement you had with her she decided to beat me up. If it wasn’t for Koketso she could have killed or injured me badly”. I almost smiled when I saw Lesley’s face turning dark with anger. When your marriage is threatened by external forces you do whatever it takes to save it, even if it means you should lie. A lie with potential positive results is a good lie. Lesley was like “I’m gonna kill that girl with my bare hands nxa. She’s going too far now. She won’t know what hit her”. Hearing my man saying those words made me feel Mpufuish. We ate our dinner in peace. I enjoyed more than I would have enjoyed had we gone out to Rosebank. The way we were so happy you would swear we never fought that day. In Sepedi they say “kgomo go hlabana tša šaka le tee” and “balwi ke baratani”. Those two proverbs mean normally people who fight love each other. After eating we bathed together. We made love in warm water. Make up sex is the best ever. He ate me from behind until I screamed in his Xhosa language. He was like “this one is gonna make you pregnant my love”. We laughed together. He carried me to the bedroom and we made love again for more than two hours.


The next few days were fine. We never fought about anything. It was the best few days of my marriage so far. I was indoors most of the time when Lesley was at work. I stayed away from his phone because I didn’t want anything to spoil my mood. On Thursday evening he told me he was flying to Spain the following day. Him and his boss were taking a new client to Spain to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid game. I think it was their way of thanking the client for giving them a multimillion business. I so wished to go with them but unfortunately it was a work thing. I was so sad when he left the following morning. I didn’t even feel the morning glory because I was sad he was going to be away for 4 days. I called my mother-in-law and she told me her husband took her to a baecation in Knysna. For the first time since my wedding I missed Ayanda. She was the only person who knew how to unbore me when I was bored. Keletso wasn’t always available because she was married. I made peace with the fact that I was going to spend the whole weekend by myself. I thought of going home in Seshego but couldn’t go without Lesley’s permission. When you are married you need a permission to go home. I stayed indoors the whole day on Friday. Keletso called me around 6pm to ask if I was busy. I told her I was flipping bored because Les was in Spain. She went “hubby is entertaining his friends. They brought their wives here. I have never seen such dumb people in my whole life. They can’t even have a simple intellectual conversation. Nxa bloody bimbos”. Lol Kele hated dumb people with passion. She asked me to join them. I said no but she insisted. I told her to give me an hour or so. I had already showered so I didn’t take me too much time to prepare. Within an hour I was at Keletso’s house. They were chilling by the very same garden that I used as a boxing ring not long ago. Keletso’s husband knew me very well. He introduced me to his friends and Keletso introduced me to the ladies. There were 5 guys and 3 ladies. Two guys didn’t bring their wives. They all had wedding rings on their fingers. I whispered to Keletso “I won’t stay for too long. I’m not used to going out without Lesley’s permission”. Keletso said it was cool because they weren’t planning to chill until late anyway. She offered me a glass of champagne. She was so right about the wives of the other two guys. They were bimbos. The only topic they entertained was about shopping. I wasn’t surprised because one of them said she didn’t pass matric. My phone rang and when I noticed it was Lesley I quickly ran to one of the bedrooms. I didn’t want Lesley to hear I was not at home. Luckily I made it to the bedroom before he could hung up. He was checking up on me and to tell me he arrived in Spain safely. I told him I was in our bedroom about to sleep. As I was talking to hubby the door opened and one of the guys walked in. He was talking loudly on the phone.


He said on phone “are you ready for me beib….uhmm?”




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