Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 14

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 14


I think most cheating happens because of temptation, especially with us women. Men are always looking for opportunities to get laid. Women, under normal circumstances, wait for the opportunity to appear. Ndlovu Jnr’s voice died before he could finish what he wanted to say. I think the view in front of him stole his voice. I was 100% sure he could see my assets because the skirt I was wearing was very short. His voice gave me a fright. I tried to quickly raise my head. I accidentally hit the cardboard with my head. The pain I suffered cannot be explained in words. When Ndlovu Jnr saw me in pain he quickly took off his gloves and rushed to my rescue. I was sitting on the floor at that stage to ‘listen’ to my pain. He asked “are you okay ma’am? I’m sorry if I gave you a fright?”. He was examining my head as he said that. I got a little relief when he told me I wasn’t bleeding. I tried to stand up but the pain was just too much to bear. Ndlovu Jnr helped me to stand up. His hands were soft in a masculine way. I told him I was okay. I asked him to give me bottled water from the cooler. I showed him where the cooler was. He had beautiful legs for days. If you can see a man’s hotness in working clothes you must know he’s hot. He asked again if I was okay. I told him I wasn’t okay. He helped to walk me to the lounge. I noticed that now and then he would steal a view of my thighs. It was getting a bit uncomfortable for me. The naughty thoughts I had in my mind were stolen by the temporary pain I felt on my head. I told him to go home because I wanted to be alone. He told me that he was not done with his work and I told him it was okay. I could see he was disappointed. I think he was having stupid ideas in his head. I looked at his assets area and noticed he was excited. Judging by what I saw Ndlovu Jnr was a very gifted man. I chased him away before temptation got the best of me. I didn’t want to betray the vows I made at my wedding. I lay on the couch for hours waiting for the pain to go away. My man video-called to check up on me. He seemed to be having fun. I told him about my head and he asked if he should come back. I was so touched by his caring. I told him he should have fun.



After talking to hubby I received a call from Keletso. She told me to check the screenshot she sent on Whatsapp. It was Ayanda’s post on Facebook. It read “Barca babe!!!!! My man and I can’t wait to celebrate when Barca chows Real Madrid. CR7 for who? Go Messi Go Messi”. I called Keletso back to ask where Ayanda was and who was she referring to when she said her man. Nxa the bitch wasn’t even a soccer fan. I wondered if she was referring to Lesley. My blood boiled at the thought of Lesley taking her to Spain. Keletso told me she tried to call Ayanda but her phone was off. I called Lesley immediately. In fact I video-called him. He asked if I missed him that quick. I told him to move the phone around because I wanted to see who he was with. Jealousy was messing with my head. I was close to exploding. He asked why and I told him I didn’t have a reason. He moved his phone around and he was the only black person there. I hung up. He called back and asked what was going on. I told him what Ayanda posted on Facebook. He went “Babe, we are not going to have talk again. You are giving that girl too much credit. If I wanted her I wouldn’t have married you. Get your act together or this marriage will die unnatural death mxm. Bye”. I regretted letting my insecurity play with my heart. I could sense that Lesley was pissed. Within 5 minutes he sent me 100 pictures pictures of where he was with all the people he was with. His last text was “hope you are happy. I am not going to have this Ayanda talk ever again. Are we clear?”. To say I was not relieved would be an understatement. I was glad the whore wasn’t with him. Once your man cheats on you with someone you know she’ll always be a threat. You can try to be strong but whenever her name is mentioned you’ll feel like wherever she is she is chowing your man. Ayanda was that kinda irritation in my life. If I was brave I was gonna put a bullet in her head. Thabo called me. I ignored the call. He called again and again and again until I answered. I told him I was not allowed to talk to him. He went “I know you were given an instruction not to talk to me. Well, I don’t want you to break that instruction. But there’s some information I have for you. I know Ayanda is a pain in your butt. I have information that will make your problems go away. It’s up to you if you want the information”. I thought for couple of seconds and said “okay, if the information is as useful as you think then I wanna know it. Tell me now”. He went “not so quick. I can’t tell you over the phone. And anyway, I have physical evidence. You need to see it with your own eyes. I know Lesley is in Spain. You either come to my place or I’ll come there tonight. The choice is yours”.


I wanted to get the Ayanda thing out of my mind but I knew she would always be a nuisance in my life. I wanted a permanent solution to her. I agreed to going to his place. I made it clear that I was not in a mood for jokes. I took a bath and wore jeans, All Star and Barcelona t-shirt Lesley bought me on his birthday couple of years ago. He loved Barcelona with passion. I didn’t want to look sexy for Thabo. The only reason I was going to his place was because I wanted a permanent solution to the Ayanda problem. I was doing it for the health of my marriage. I called to tell him I was on my way. He went “hope you are not on periods”. I pulled over on the side of the road and told him I was turning back if he had those kind of thoughts in his mind. He told me he was just kidding. He was drinking whiskey and busy on the laptop when I got to his place. There were two pairs of women shoes on the floor. He told me they belonged to his woman as if I cared. All I wanted was evidence against Ayanda so I can use it to make her voetsek out of my marriage. Thabo went “so what am I getting in return for helping you with the Ayanda issue?”. I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to sleep with me. I was like “I can’t believe you want to do that to your best friend. After everything his family has done for you this is how you thank them? You know what, keep your information. I don’t want it anymore”. I grabbed my bag and headed to the door. He went “okay okay stop… Don’t go. Just kiss me and all the information is yours. A kiss won’t hurt and it’s not like Lesley will find out. Bear in mind that the info I have will help you get rid of the biggest threat in your marriage. Take it or leave it”. I thought for about 3 minutes. I went “okay a kiss…just a kiss. If you gonna play games with me I’ll do something you’ll never forget”. He nodded. I took a deep breath and offered him my lips. He grabbed my bum and pulled me closer to him. The kiss lasted for over 30 seconds. It was nice but I didn’t enjoy it. When we were done he went “you should have been my wife, not Lesley’s. Is it too late to change your mind”. I told him I didn’t have time for bullshit. He handed me his phone and told me to read his conversation with Ayanda. I got all the evidence I wanted. Ayanda had an abortion the day before. According to the chats, Thabo was a likely father. She was having a secret thing with both Thabo and Lesley at the same time. Thabo felt betrayed because Lesley slept with Ayanda behind his back. That’s the reason Thabo wanted to sleep with me. I asked Thabo how sure he was Ayanda had an abortion. He told me he personally took her to the doctor. I was so relieved. I asked him to send the screenshots of the conversation with Ayanda to me and he did without asking questions. I wanted to create a bogus email address to send the screenshots to Lesley. I couldn’t send them to him myself because he would ask how I got them. I thanked Thabo and told him I was leaving.


He went “not so fast. See that laptop over there? It recorded our kiss. Either you sleep with me now or I leak it. If you sleep with me, I’ll delete it. So what are you gonna do?”




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