Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 16

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 16


He repeated what he said and that time he raised his voice to show he was serious. With tears gathering in my eyes I said “I am sorry babe. I don’t want to lose you. We all make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. I don’t want to lose you. Please don’t leave me”. He aggressively pulled the sheets and my body was left naked. He went “you know, I know you are many things but I never thought you were capable of telling big lies. You have become something I don’t know Tshwarelo. You are not the girl I fell in love with. Something has gone wrong with you? I cannot believe you did what you did. Oh fuck…I am both angry and disappointed. Do you know what my parents will say when they find out what you did? TSHWARELO!!!!!!”. Lesley was a handsome Xhosa chap with dimples when he smiled. But when he was angry he turned into a monster. It was difficult to look straight into his eyes when he was angry. When he walked closer to the bed I thought he was going to beat me up. I thought of the day he slapped me when I said what what about his mom. I got off the bed and stood on the other side of the bed. I looked at him and said “please babe, don’t beat me up. We will get over this. I made a mistake and I regret it. I shouldn’t have gone there in the place. It’s just that this Ayanda person makes my blood boil. I can’t help it but think one day you will leave me for her. She is the biggest threat in my marriage. I love you Lesley and I can’t live without you. Thabo and Ayanda are trying to break our relationship. Can we please show them our love is too strong for their stupid video and crap”. Lesley looked all confused when I said that. His phone rang and he told whoever called that he would call back because he was busy dealing with some evil person. It hurt me to hear my man calling me a evil.



After talking on the phone he went “whooo wait….where does Thabo fit in here? Was he there when you kicked Ayanda on the stomach? Was Thabo there? Did he shoot a video of you kicking Aya on the belly? Tell me now or I will kick your eyes until you go blind”. WTF!!!!! Lesley wasn’t talking about the kissing video. He was talking about what happened at Keletso’s place when I kicked the bitch on the stomach. I was so bloody relieved. I went “no babe, Thabo wasn’t there. But I know he is dating Ayanda. He is the father of the baby and they are framing you because they hate the fact that you are young and successful with a beautiful successful wife”. I didn’t give a damn about not making sense. I just said whatever that came first in my mind. He went “Tshwarelo, so you went to Keletso’s place and kicked Ayanda on the belly. You come back here and tell me how Ayanda beat you up. Do you know that she lost her baby because of you? Listen, I don’t care about her losing the baby. I am mad because it was my wife’s evil deed that led to her miscarriage. On top of that you lie to me that she beat you up. How many lies do you tell me everyday? For all I know you threw a party in my absence here”. I told him I kicked Ayanda because she provoked me. I decided to turn things around. I went “wait wait wait….how did you know I kicked Ayanda? So was I right to think you were with her in Spain? Oh no this man is messing with a wrong person. I can’t believe you left me here and took your bloody baby mama to Spain”. He jumped over the bed and grabbed clutched my wrist. He went “shut the fuck up before I do something I will regret. Didn’t I send you pictures of who I was with in Spain? Don’t even try to turn this around. I have not seen Ayanda and I have no intentions of seeing her. She sent me an email to tell me she got a miscarriage before she could go to terminate. She was asking if she should bring back the money I gave her for abortion. You are a murderer. No wonder you are failing to make your own baby. Sies man”. I lost my temper and said “that bastard deserved to die anyway”. He pushed me to the bed like I was a piece of paper. He walked out of the bedroom. When I heard the gate opening I knew he was leaving.


I was a bit worried. It seemed like Lesley was angry at the fact that Ayanda lost the baby he thought was his. You can say many thing to a woman but never ever tell her she can’t make babies, especially if you gonna compare her with your side chicks. That is pure witchcraft. I was surprised he didn’t say anything about the message I sent to him and the fact that my phone was off for hours. Maybe he didn’t care. All he cared about was the stupid aborted baby. I wondered where he was going. An hour after Lesley left I received a call from my mother-in-law. She told me she just got back from her baecation and wanted to see me as in yesterday. She didn’t sound happy. MaMpofu was the always happy type but that day she sounded down and sad. I asked if everything was fine and she told me to come to her house. When a sad mother-in-law summons you to her house you must know things are not fine. I braced myself for the worst. I took a bath and wore a dress and heels. Lesley’s mom was the type to tell you when you are wearing crap. I always made sure I dressed to murder whenever I visited her. When I got to her house she was busy watering her plants. I greeted her and she replied with a “let’s go talk to the house”. It was a sign that things were not fine. I was happy Rooibos was not in the house. I asked how her baecation was and she replied with “fine”. I decided to shut my mouth because I could see she was not in a mood for small talk. She went “you know, whenever I look at you I see myself when I was your age. I think that’s why I am happy my son married you. But I must say, your level of thinking is far different from mine when I was your age. Lesley was here to tell me he wants to leave you because there’s no happiness in the house. Do you know what it means when a man wants a divorce within a month of wedding?”. My heart skipped a beat when I heard those words. I knew Les was angry but I didn’t expect him to want to divorce me. He was overreacting.


Before I could respond Lesley and two people appeared from the main door.




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