Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 17

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 17


My mom used to tell me that a man that runs to his mom whenever he has problems with his partner is weak. I am not saying I agree with her but I think it was unfair of Lesley to run to his mom with our problems. I couldn’t believe he wanted to divorce me for something that he caused. He was the one who injected the Ayanda problem in our relationship. If he hadn’t impregnated that hoe none of the things I did wouldn’t have happened. Like a coward he ran to his mom instead of sitting down with me to iron things out. He gave me an impression that he wasn’t serious when he said he wanted Ayanda to terminate the pregnancy. Mxm some men can be hoes. When Lesley saw me he asked “and wena? What are you doing here? Are you here to kick my mom since you have become Chuck Norris these days?”. I was so insulted that he said those words to me in front of his mom and his father’s comrades. You can be angry at your partner but never ever make them feel like a paper in front of people. Lesley’s mom said “never ever speak to your wife like that in front of people. Ever heard your Rooibos shouting at me in public? Please respect your wife. Go upstairs and sort your things. Uhm, Tshwarelo please bring three brown envelopes from my bedroom before you go upstairs”. I loved seeing my mother-in-law in charge. I had seen the guys who came with Lesley before. My mother-in-law apologised to them for Lesley’s behaviour. I quickly went to the main bedroom to fetch envelopes. They well full of money. I was not surprised because it was something I was used to. When you are married to political families you get to see those things. My father-in-law was involved in many political and business deals. I handed the envelopes to the comrades. MaMpofu went “you’ll call chief when you get to the provincial headquarters. Everything you need is in there”. Lesley’s mom was the engine in Lesley’s father’s life. From outside you would think she was just a shopping kinda wife. She ran most of his stuff. I think that’s the reason their marriage was very strong. When those guys left she turned to me. She said “men are very easy to please my child. They love being in charge. All you have to do is pretend they have power. Reality is the real power lies with us. It’s easier to influence your man without making him think you are diluting his power. You need to learn to manage Lesley. He’s my son and I know him. Don’t let his sulky stunts get to you. Be a woman”. My mother-in-law was a tank of advices. Her tone had softened a bit compared to our earlier chat. I thanked her for the sound advice and went upstairs to join my husband. He was smoking weed in his old bedroom. He looked at me and said “nxa, you make me feel like puking right now”.



I wanted to tell him where to get off but remembered what MaMpofu told me. I wanted to remind him that he was the cause of all our problems. I calmed myself down and said “Lesley I am very sorry for what I did. I understand your anger and the fact that you want to leave me. It’s okay, I’ll pack my things and go stay with a friend. My mom will come fetch me next week. What I want you to know is I’ll always love you. I love you Les”. He offered me a joint. I knew when he gave me that zol that my words got to his head. I took four puffs and handed it back to him. I didn’t want to be high in my in-laws’ house. He went “ja you don’t wanna smoke now because you finished my weed in the study. You should stop this habit of yours of stealing my weed in my absence. Why was your phone off the whole night? Why did you send that text?”. He was asking questions he should have asked before running to his mom. I told him I was high and that I didn’t remember why I did some of the things I did. He wanted to ask further questions but I blocked his lips with a kiss. I knew Lesley wanted some action after smoking weed. It’s true that weed affect people differently. My ex hated shagging after smoking weed. Lesley loved it. We kissed passionately for couple of minutes. I told him to lock the door because his mom was around. When he went to lock the lock I quickly undressed myself for my man. It took him less than 10 seconds to make himself naked. His old bed wasn’t as comfortable as our bed but my bum was used to it. We used to shag there whenever we slept at his father’s house. I told him to lie on his back. He whispered “do you want to eat me babe?”. I sat on top of him and took his cute dick to the castle. I was already wet and he was 110% hard. That is a recipe for a good shag. I noticed some red stains on his cock after couple of entries and exits. Damn I was on periods. I went “oh crap!!!! My love I think my periods just started. We gonna have to stop”. I stopped playing with what my mama gave me. I had irregular periods some months. I would have an unannounced light flow sometimes. Lesley was like “It’s not like you gonna die. Let me come on top”. Some people say it’s disgusting but mina I didn’t have a problem doing it with my husband. It’s not like the flow was hectic. I lay on my back and opened it for my man. He ate it raw and by the time he was done his dick looked like an EFF member. It was red to the core lol.


Make up sex is the best. The little quarrel we had was wiped away from the system in no time. We didn’t cuddle after our lovemaking because of the blood. We both went to the shower to have ourselves cleaned. Pity we couldn’t clean the sheets. Lesley told me the maid will wash them the following day. After bathing I went back downstairs to join my mother-in-law. She went “I’m glad you took my advice. I see you look very happy. That’s the way to deal with Mpofu men ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”. My mother-in-law was so naughty. When Lesley came downstairs he apologised to his mom for his behaviour earlier. She went “It’s okay my baby. I’m glad you sorted your issues. If you don’t mind, I need my space now. Please go to your house”. Lol that was my mama telling us to voetsek. Lesley left his car and we used mine. When we got home he wanted another round. I told him the rain was getting worse. “Babe, I am sorry about the baby comment. I didn’t mean it. You’ll fall pregnant when the time is right. I love you,” he said. It’s always nice when you hear your man putting his ego aside and apologising for hurting your feelings. I told him I was fine. The next few days things were cool in our house. There was no drama and squabbles. I suggested to Lesley that I wanted to look for a job and he told me he was against the idea. He went “you have everything you want. A nice car, nice house, expensive clothes and fashion accessories, you are always loaded. Why would you wanna work and earn R15k when I give you more than that every month? If you get bored sitting at home the whole day I suggest you find a hobby. Join yoga classes or book clubs. I’ll cover all costs”. He was right, there was no reason for me to work because I had everything I wanted. In fact I had more money than most of the girls I went to varsity with. They had 9 to 5 jobs but always called to borrow money from me a week or two after payday. As hubby and I were talking a call from my stepfather came in. He told me my mom was not feeling well and that she was admitted at a hospital. I asked what was wrong with her and he told me she fainted at work. I had no choice but to drive to Polokwane. I was my mother’s only princess. It was the first time since I was born that my mom fainted. Lesley wanted to go with me but I told him I would manage alone. I hit the road to Polokwane. I tried to drive as fast as l could. Within three hours I was in Polokwane. She was at Netcare Pholoso. As I was parking the car I noticed some guy staring straight at me like he was investigating something. I got out of the car and headed to the reception. The man who was staring at me stopped me. I asked him how I could be of help to him. He looked like a hobo or a poor person. He asked “is your name Tshwarelo?”. I said “yes”.


Tears started flowing on his face.




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