Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 18

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 18


It would be a shock to anyone. Imagine driving 300 kms to Polokwane only to be met by a hobo looking man who was kneeling next to me praying. For few seconds I was expecting Leon Schuster to pop from somewhere and shout “you have been schucksed”. I asked the man what was he on about and he stopped praying and stood up. He looked at me and tried to give me a hug. I moved back to avoid being touched by a hobo looking man. I was wearing expensive clothes. He went “it’s okay, I don’t blame you for not wanting to touch me. I know I am very dirty. Go see your mom, she needs you right now. You will find me waiting for you when you come back. You deserve to know everything. You deserve to know the truth. I am very sorry”. I was so lost. I asked him if he was okay in the head. He didn’t seem offended by my question. He repeated that we would talk after seeing my mother. I shook my head and left him standing there. I wondered how he knew my name and that my mother was in hospital. I walked inside the hospital and asked where my mom was. Luckily my stepfather saw me before the gum-chewing receptionist could open her files. Daddy didn’t look well. He loved my mother like she was literally his rib. I asked how my mom was and he told me the doctors told him she would be fine. He walked me to her. It was heartbreaking to see my mom in that state. I held her hand and told her she would be fine. Daddy told me she was a very strong woman. I went “uhm dad, there’s some hobo looking man outside. He says I deserve to know everything. He even knows my name and that my mom is here. Do you know anything about it?”. My dad told me he didn’t know anything about. He too was wondering how a stranger knew about my mother and I. I was starting to get worried. We live in a very sick world. Maybe the hobo was someone hired to kill me by Ayanda and Thabo. You can never trust anyone these days. People are becoming desperate for marriage. Some of them would not mind to spill blood just to get married. Dad told me not to stress about hobos.



As we were talking about the hobo my mom started shaking. My dad called the doctor to come rescue my mom. We were whisked out of the ward. I started panicking. I felt like my mom was about to kick the bucket. I started crying. I didn’t want to be an orphan. My dad told me not to stress. Lesley called to check up on me and to ask how my mom was doing. I could not even breathe a word the way I was sobbing. The thought of losing my mom was piercing thru my heart. Lesley told me to be strong. I hung up and sat on the chair. As we were sitting there waiting for the doctor to brief us I saw Mr Rooibos Mpofu and his wife appearing from the main door. I was so happy to see them. Their presence gave me some strength. Lesley’s mom went “Lesley told us about your mom. I am still wondering why he let you drive alone all the way from Joburg to here. You are our daughter now. We know you need all the support you can get”. The fact that Lesley’s father took some time off his busy schedule to come and support me meant a lot to me. Not many fathers-in-law can do that for daughters-in-law. I asked how they knew my mother was at that hospital and MaMpofu told me her husband had his ways. They gave me hugs and told me to be strong for my mother. My dad and my other dad went outside to talk. I guess they wanted to give mamazala and I a chance to talk. The doctor came after an hour to tell us that my mom was stable. He told us my mom suffered a heart attack. I didn’t even know my mother had a weak heart. In my eyes she was the strongest woman ever. Mamazala and I closed our eyes to thank the man upstairs for being there for my mother. When the two fathers came back I asked to be excused. I wanted to go check the hobo I saw outside. I remembered he said he wanted to tell me everything. When I went outside he was nowhere to be seen. I looked all over the hospital but he was gone. I even asked the security guards and they told me they didn’t see him. I walked to my car to fetch a lip gloss. I noticed there was a note on the window.


It was written “years can pass but truth can never be erased. History has a way of resurrecting itself when we least expect. It was nice seeing you but I think my presence is not healthy for your family. I can now die a happy death knowing you have grown up to be a beautiful girl. Take care of yourself and your husband. Don’t make the mistakes your mom did. Bye bye”. He didn’t sign it or anything. He didn’t even put his name or number. I read the letter three times trying to understand what the person was trying to say. I asked myself which mistakes he was talking about. As far as I was concerned my mother was very happy with her husband. I never heard her complaining about my dad. Maybe that hobo mistook me for another Tshwarelo. My family was too middle class to be dealing with such hobos nxa. I tore the stupid paper and threw it in the bin. I went back to join my other family members. Lesley called to ask if he should come. I told him I had enough support. I asked him where he was and he told me he was driving back to the house from buying burger at McD. I jokingly asked if he was that broke and he laughed. Lesley’s mom told me she wanted to rest. They wanted to book a hotel but dad said he was not going to allow them to sleep at a hotel when he had a big house with many bedrooms. It was decided that I should go home with my mother-in-law because she wanted to rest. My dad remained behind with my other dad. It was so cool to be in Seshego. You can have all the monies in the world but home will always be home. Lesley’s mom told me that they were planning to take my mom to a better hospital in Joburg. I told her it was not necessary because the hospital she was in was one of the best in Limpopo. I passed by the BP Garage opposite Seshego Circle to pour petrol. I saw an ex of mine driving Tazz. He greeted me and I waved the hand with the ring just to show him he was underqualified to greet me. He went “are you still a gold digger?”. Imagine someone saying that in front of your mother-in-law. He was bitter I dumped him because he couldn’t afford to buy me a phone when we were dating. I dumped him for some cheeseboy from Zone 4. He thought I was dating one of Julius Malema’s friends. After pouring petrol we headed straight home. Our helper, Auntie Dorothy was so happy to see me. She told me some man dropped a parcel for me. I asked how the man knew I was in Seshego and she told me she didn’t know.


She handed me a little box. I opened it and ……




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