Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 21

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 21


Sometimes insecurity makes us do things that one would think a normal person would not do. I drove all the way from Polokwane to Joburg because I had a feeling some woman was sleeping with my man. Anything could have happened to me because I was not in a proper state of mind. I was even driving at an unlawful speed. I was lucky I got home safely. To my surprise the bed was empty. I was shocked because when I video-called Lesley he was in our bedroom. I checked in the toilet and he was not there. I checked all over the house and Lesley was nowhere to be found. I ran to the garage to check if his car was there. The car was not there. I ran back to the bedroom. I remembered I switched my phone off after getting help from the roadside assistance guys. I thought of switching it on but the thought of Lesley’s mom calling me crossed my mind. I knew they were probably asking themselves where I was. Part of me didn’t give a damn because their precious son was cheating on me with low class hoes. I asked myself where he feba’s to. I walked back to my car. I sat in the car for over 10 minutes not knowing what to do or where to go. I drove to the nearest garage. If you ask me why I drove to the garage I wouldn’t answer because I don’t know. A picture of Lesley and Ayanda fucking was playing in my head. When I drove from the garage I almost caused an accident. My hands were shaking. I felt betrayed by Lesley. I felt like he didn’t give a damn about me. I needed him more than ever and he was busy hoeing around with hoes in the middle of the night. Lesley never made a habit of waking up late in the night to drive. He only did that if he had serious business engagements. When I video-called he seemed to be in the bedroom. Maybe he felt guilty about sleeping with her in our house and went to book a hotel. Those thoughts were playing in my head as I drove towards Beyers Naude Dr. I didn’t know where I was going. I was thinking maybe I would bump into Lesley driving around with Ayanda. My 10 minutes drive yielded no results and I decided to drive back home.



Immediately after passing Cresta Mall I noticed about three cop cars behind me. One of them overtook me and blocked my way. It looked like a scene from a movie. I hit the brakes to avoid knocking the car. About 10 cops jumped from their cars with guns in their hands. All guns were pointing at my car. I closed my eyes and ears. I thought they were going to bump bullets into my car. I thought they were going to kill me. I only opened my eyes when a heard a knock on the window. My eyes were met by men in blue surrounding my car. I unlocked the door and they opened. The other ones searched my car thoroughly as if they were checking if I was alone. It looked like a scene from an action movie. One cop who looked senior said “it’s her. Please call Chief and tell him we found her unharmed”. I was confused and terrified at the same time. The senior looking cop said “your family is worried about you. Cops in Gauteng and Limpopo are out in full force looking for you. We thought something bad happened to you”. He escorted me to one of the cars. One of his colleagues drove my car. The way I was so terrified even my mouth was dry. He asked me how I got to Joburg because I was last seen in Polokwane and I told him I drove to my house because I missed my husband. He murmured “nxa these corrupt politicians are wasting state resources. All the energy we wasted because some spoilt wife of a powerful politician’s son missed her husband. We had to waste state resources to look for her. This is bullshit”. It was at that stage that I knew I screwed up. They thought something bad happened to me and Lesley’s father used his political connections to launch an interprovinvial search. The cops drove straight to Lesley’s father’s house. The way he knew directions it was clear they had been there before. Maybe he was also part of the brown envelope squad. When we got to the house Lesley and about 10 people that looked like cops were waiting at the gate. He didn’t even greet me, he thanked the cops and told them they were free to go home. He told them his father was on his way back from Limpopo and would call the senior looking one the following day.


As soon as the cops disappeared Lesley parked his car in the garage. We used my car to drive to our house. He gave me silent treatment for the first five minutes of our drive. I went “I I I am sorry babe. I I I thought you…..”. He hit the brakes in the middle of the road and if it wasn’t for a seatbelt the car would have spat me out. He shouted “CHOLLY BABE MY FOOT!!!!!! ARE YOU SICK IN THE HEAD TSHWARELO? HUH, ARE YOU MAD? DO YOU WANT ME TO BOOK YOU INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL?”. Lesley was furiously mad. I said “babe, please don’t be mad at me. I thought you were with a girl and I drove back home. I mi mi mi missed you. I am sorry for acting childishly”. He punched me on the chest and told me to shut the fuck up. I started crying. He told me to shut up or he would shoot me and burn my body. That was a threat I didn’t expect from Lesley. When we got to the house he jumped out of the car like a soldier. I remained in the car. I didn’t want to get out because I could see my husband was furious. He opened the door and pulled me like I was an object. I fell on the ground and he dragged me with my leg. Luckily we were not far from the door. When we got inside the house he slapped me twice and said “do you know what you have put us thru? My parents have been driving all over Polokwane looking for you. The cops stopped chasing criminals and they were looking for you all over Gauteng. We thought you were hijacked or kidnapped. Who the hell do you think you are? Princess Diana? I’m gonna teach you a lesson today”. The more I apologised was the more he kicked and beat me up. He kicked me all over my body, including on my face. I begged him to stop because I was bleeding but he kept going. I knew he was really mad when he spoke his language. “Uphambene? Uqhuba njani usuka eLimpompo usiya eJoburg ezinzulwini zobusuku? Ufuna ukutsotswa nokubulawa? Yaz yinton, hambuyofa. Lomtshato awundisebenzeli. Kuphelile. Hamba uye kwamama wakho. Mhlambi funeka ndizifumanele intombi yomXhosa . Get out of my house. Nxa”


“hiiiiii hiiiiii hiiiiii Llllllesley I’m expecting”




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