Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 22

Marriage on the ROX


Chapter 22


People seem to think life is all happy behind those tall walls in the suburbs. Lesley was becoming an animal that fails to control emotions. I knew driving from Limpopo to Joburg that time of the night was wrong but he had no right to kick me the way he did. I lied about being pregnant because I could see he wanted to kill. My lie stopped him. He literally went down on his just to hear what I said. With blood coming out of my mouth and nose I repeated what I said. I told him I was pregnant and was planning to share the good news with him the following day. With a soft voice he said “oh no, why didn’t you tell me? What if ..oh no!!!! We need to take you to a doctor now?”. I wanted to fake fainting but I was scared he would finish me off. I am not making excuses for my wrongs, but Lesley invented my insecurity. By sleeping with my best friend he made me very insecure. Whenever I was away from him his cheating would make an appearance in my head. It was hard for me to trust him. Maybe if he had slept with an ordinary girl I would get over it. But the fact that he slept with someone very close to me right under my nose made me insecure. He took out his phone and called someone. He lied that I was involved in a fight with my friend and got badly injured. When he shouted at the person he was talking to I knew things were not going well for him. He called another one. He told him straight what he did. I think it was one of his fellow players because if it was a real man he would not allow to be used by a woman basher. After the call he told me an ambulance was coming to fetch me. I told him I didn’t want to go to a hospital. I told him I would be fine. Damn, I was in pain but my biggest fear was him finding out I was not pregnant. I knew he would finish me off. For the first time since we got married the thought of leaving him for real crossed my mind. I knew it was either that or he was going to send me to the mortuary. But circumstances we not in my favour.



He told me he was not going to let me argue with him because I needed help. He called his contact again to ask how long the ambulance was gonna take. I heard him saying “okay cool, 10 minutes is not bad. Please don’t tell anyone about what happened. If it reaches the papers I am finished. I owe you one my guy”. I wondered which corrupt friend he was talking to. Lesley and his family were corrupt. As I was lying on the floor bleeding I was thinking of calling City Press and share the files I had with them. I even had emails to prove everything. #MpofuLeaks. The ambulance arrived and I was carried to it. I heard Lesley telling the paramedic guys that “whoever did this to my wife will pay. What kind of a person attacks a woman like this?”. That was my husband trying to sweep his sordid deed under the carpet. I wanted to open my mouth but my lips were painful. I think I had cuts on my lips. That is how badly I was bashed by a man I loved with all my life. When we got to the hospital Lesley was told to stand outside. To cut the story short, within couple of hours my body had more than three stitches. I had stitches on my beautiful body caused by a man I loved. I kept asking myself how many women went thru what I went thru everyday. When the doctors were done Lesley came to see me. Before asking how I was feeling he asked about the baby. I told him to go home because I wanted to be alone. He told me the doctors didn’t wanna say much about it so he was curious to know if his son was safe. Mxm he even jumped to a conclusion that I was carrying a son. I told him to leave or I would tell the entire hospital that he beat me up. My threat worked because he left. Some nurse came to check me as soon as Lesley left. She looked at me and shook her head. I asked her why and she told me she saw my wedding pictures in some magazine. She went “I know it’s not my place to say but if he beats you once and you forgive him, just know he will do it again knowing you will forgive him. I have been there for years”. I told her I had a fight with my girl and she nodded. I think her experience told her my injuries were from domestic violence.


I was angry at Lesley but didn’t wanna expose him. The thought crossed my mind many times but I stopped. I knew I was going to be affected to. I didn’t want to go back to Seshego and live like those girls who shop at Mr Price and Chinese shops. At the same time I was not looking forward to being Lesley’s punching bag. I forced myself to fall asleep. I was woken up by voices next to my bed. I kept my eyes closed and listened to the voices. I heard Lesley saying “dad, I don’t know what got into me. I love Tshwarelo very much. But lately when she makes mistakes I lose it and beat her up. I think I need help”. Lesley’s father told him the ancestors were probably angry at him. He told Lesley that they should go to Eastern Cape to have a conversation with the ancestors. Hearing Lesley accepting he had a problem gave me hope. Hearing him telling his father he loved me made me feel better. I opened my eyes and they stopped talking. I pretended I didn’t hear anything from them. Mr Mpofu greeted me and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was getting better. He apologised for what his son did and promised me they would find a solution to his problem. Lesley was nodding as his father spoke. Something I knew about Lesley was that his dad would protect him no matter what. I told the old man that I was planning to move back to Seshego after when I leave the hospital and he said “no no no my daughter. That is not going to happen. Lesley is the one who is wrong here. He will move out until you find it in your heart to forgive him”. He acted as if he was talking my side but deep down I knew he was defending his son. There was no way I was gonna let Lesley move out because I knew that would drive him to other hoes. Lesley asked for a private moment with me. His father left us to talk. He repeated the mistake again. Instead of asking how I was doing he asked about the baby. I asked him to leave me alone.


“I want a divorce,” I said to him.




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