Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 24

Marriage on the Rox


Chapel 24


Like I said before, Glenda was not the type to be romantic with words and actions, she spoke her mind freely without fear or favour. I liked her but sometimes she got too much for my liking. I asked her what was in the small packet she was offering me. I loved Lesley with natural love blessed by God. Before Glenda opened her mouth I had already made up my mind that she was offering me korobela or stay soft. It is very popular in Mahwelereng. Apparently many women use korobela to tame their men. I wanted Lesley to stop beating me but the last thing I wanted was turning him into my personal zombie. Glenda went “I think the reason your man beats you up is because he is struggling in the bedroom. Men who struggle in the bedroom tend to take out their stress by being abusive. I have a feeling that is the case with your husband. He will be so horny he won’t have a chance to beat you. The only beating will be done by his dick”. I laughed like I was crazy. Glenda was so old-fashioned and rural. I laughed because she believed in stupid things. There was no way I was going to ‘season’ my husband’s food with something that didn’t have a barcode. I told her she was mad. “Okay, you can have it your way. My advice would be for you to try it and if it doesn’t work, throw it away. If it works you will thank me one day”. I waited for her to go to the loo and threw her witchcraft in the rubbish. I didn’t want to feed my husband with things that had no reputable ingredients. Lesley was gone for two days. I enjoyed Glenda’s company. The two days I spent with her showed me as much as money buys us expensive life, it can never buy anyone happiness. Glenda didn’t have more than a thousand in her account but she was happy. Her husband called her every three hours and they had poor people conversations that left her dark skin blushing. I had everything I wanted but happiness didn’t form part of the package. Love was not absent but it didn’t produce happiness. It’s true that you can’t have all. Lesley called to tell me he was coming home. He was happy everything went according to the plan. I couldn’t stop smiling when he told me he missed me.



I had to drive to the airport to fetch him because his father didn’t fly back with him. Glenda told me she would leave the following day because she didn’t want to be there when I scream because of the muthi she gave me. Only if she knew I threw the thing away. Lesley was wearing traditional Xhosa attire when I fetched him from the airport. Glenda reminded me not to forget to use what she gave me. Lesley asked me to drop him at his parents’ place. I asked why and he told me there was some stuff that he wanted to do there. I didn’t wanna ask many questions in front of Glenda. I drove him to the Mpofu house. He promised to check me up the the following morning. I was not cool with him not sleeping at home but didn’t wanna ask questions. I assumed it was part of the rituals he did in Eastern Cape. On my way home Glenda asked if I didn’t find it suspicious that after two days of not seeing me Lesley didn’t look happy to be in my company. I told her she was imagining things. She was like “don’t be a fool cuzie. I think they found him a girl in Eastern Cape and he is about to leave you. Why else would he sleep in his father’s house when he has his own house? Mzala you are about to lose your husband. Mark my words. You are about to go back to Seshego sesi”. Normally I wouldn’t have taken her seriously but that day she made a bit of sense. Lesley didn’t seem happy to see me. I dropped Glenda at my house and drove back to the Mpofu house. I wanted Lesley to tell me if he was planning to leave me. I found Lesley snoring on the couch when I got to the house. I woke him up and asked if he was okay. He told me he was tired from all the activities they engaged in in Eastern Cape. I asked why he didn’t want to sleep at our house and he told me he was not allowed to sleep with a woman for three days. It was an instruction he got from the person who was helping with the ritual. I didn’t understand whatever he was saying but I said cool.


He asked me nicely to drive back to our house. He didn’t even kiss me goodbye because it was not allowed. As I was exiting the gate I saw a Mini Cooper in front of me. The gate was big enough for two cars but she waited for me to drive out before she could drive in. She didn’t even look at me. I wondered what she wanted there because Rooibos and his wife were not there. I parked the car by the street and walked back to the yard. I wanted to see what the girl wanted. She was my height and size. I walked straight to her and asked what she wanted. She told me she was there to see Lesley. I asked why and she told me it was none of my business. Nxa some girls are rude bathong. I went “listen to me, if you are here to seduce my husband you better think again. Our marriage is very solid. It will take more than the fake weave you are wearing to take my husband. Nxa fake weave and fake make up”. She looked at me and shook her head. She was like “no wonder he doesn’t take you to important functions. How did Lesley end up with a rachet like you? You sound like those uneducated women who think every beautiful woman is after their men. Listen here, hamba uyonyela leh msunu!!!! I don’t have time for crap. I am here to see Lesley”. I will repeat this, once your man cheats you will never trust him again. You can try to put it behind you but will never fully trust him. I wanted to trust Lesley but it was not easy. What he did with Ayanda planted a huge seed of insecurity inside me. Some days I felt like I was not attractive to him anymore. In my mind I was thinking he lied about the instruction not to sleep with a woman because he wanted to invite Ms Fake over. I blocked the lady’s way and went “wena Ms Fake, do you know what we do to girls like you in Seshego? We grab their hair and beat the hell out of them”. I grabbed her fake weave and slapped her. She didn’t waste time. She fought back and within few seconds we were both on the ground rolling. Lesley appeared from the house running. He separated us and shouted “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?”


Ms Fake said “tell your father he can kiss the R5m deal goodbye. I came here to drop the contract and your wife attacked me”




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