Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 25

Marriage on the Rox


Chapter 25


Most of the time wives get blamed when a fight breaks between them and the ‘other party’. Wives are always told to keep calm and avoid physical and verbal confrontations. One thing people forget is that being a wife does not mean one stops being a human being. A wife is a human being with feelings just like any other person. I admit my approach was wrong but her response was very rude. There was no way I was gonna let a young woman go to that house when I knew Lesley was alone. First of all, I didn’t know who she was or what she wanted. All I wanted to know was what she was doing there. It wasn’t my aim to get all physical with her. Lesley looked at me and said “Tshwarelo, what is wrong with you? Do you see what you have done?”. I literally cried when he said that. He hurt me more than what the Ms Fake’s blows did. He didn’t even know what happened but he was taking her side. A real man would have made sure that his wife was okay before throwing accusations and blame. “Do you even care about me Lesley? You don’t know what happened here but already you are blaming me? All I did was to ask what she was doing here and she told me she came to see her boyfriend. How was I supposed to feel? Was I supposed to clap hands and wish her all the best? You don’t give a damn about me. You know what, go ahead and gang up on me. Come beat me up because that is what you are good at”. I twisted truth a bit to strengthen my case. Ms Fake was like “I don’t have time for this nonsense. Maybe what I read about this family in the newspapers is true. I will never do any business with you. This is the last time you see me. I feel so disrespected”. She got in her car and left. Lesley looked at me and asked “what happened to the woman I met years ago? When did you become a WWE superstar? You want me to call Vince McMahom and tell him you want to fight? I don’t care who was wrong. I am pissed at my wife for engaging in such behavior. What happened to your class? This is not Seshego. You should have thrown that rachet behavior away after passing the first tollgate on the N1”.



In less than five minutes Lesley managed to make me feel like some random village girl. I said “I am sorry babe. Since you slept with Ayanda I am failing to think straight. Maybe I should also go home and have a conversation with ancestors. I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Whenever I see a girl next to you I can’t help it but think you are going to sleep with her. Please promise you will never cheat again Lesley?”. Instead of promising he told me to go home and concentrate on being a good wife. Mxm how does one concentrate on being a good wife when the husband is not at home? Lesley’s mother called to tell me my mother’s condition was getting worse. Lesley advised me to go to Polokwane immediately. I asked if he was going with me and he told me about the treatment he was undergoing. I was pissed but hid it from him. I think he was just making excuses not to support me when I needed him. Lesley was developing some sense of selfishness. I called Glenda to tell her to prepare because we were driving to Polokwane. She didn’t care about what I told her, all she wanted to know was what Lesley told me. She only changed her tune when I told her my mom was getting worse. There are so many pains in the world but nothing compares to the pain of losing a mother. I loved my mom and was not ready to be an orphan. Lesley asked if I had enough money and I said no. He told me to use the joint account. I had money in my own account but didn’t want to use it. I wanted to use his money. I picked Glenda from the house and we hit the road to Polokwane. I told her what happened at the Mpofu house and she called me a fool. “Mzala, you should never ever let another girl dance in your kraal. You should have looked for an empty bottle and hit her. There was no business ya nix. She wanted to sleep with your man,” said Glenda as if she had evidence of what she was saying. I told her I was too classy to be fighting with bottles over a man. She wanted us to pass by her place in Mokopane but I told her there was no time.


When we got to the hospital my mother-in-law was sitting next to my mother’s hospital bed. It was a very touching picture to see my mother caring for my other mother. I touched my mom’s hand and said a short prayer. When my mother blinked I knew she was not going to leave me. Glenda went “I know some pastor in Modimolle. That guy is so powerful he once brought back a person from the grave. I think we should take auntie to that pastor”. I told Glenda that my mom was too civilized to believe in eating snakes and rats. Glenda hit back by saying “pity your civilization is not stopping your husband from cheating on you. Maybe that girl went back to the house now that you are 300 km away. Let me keep quiet because I am not civilized”. Like I said before, Glenda did not have brakes on her mouth. I didn’t even bother to respond to what she said. I didn’t want to make my mother’s condition worse by talking about nonsense. Lesley’s mother asked to talk to me in private. We went to the corridor and she went “I spoke to your father-in-law earlier. You better have a good reason why he lost a multimillion deal because of you”. I told her what happened and she understood. She told me she was a woman and would have reacted the same if she was in my shoes. I loved how my mother-in-law loved and understood me. She told me to leave Rooibos to her. I gave her a hug and said thanks. We went back to my mother’s ward. MaMpofu wanted to tell my mother that she was driving back to Joburg to take care of business. My mother just blinked. She was struggling to speak. I left the hospital 20 minutes after MaMpofu left. I wanted to book a hotel around Polokwane because I was not in a mood to sleep in Seshego but Glenda told me I was crazy. She reminded me that I was still a Seshego girl even though I was married to the burbs family. I was not ready for taxi hooters and men urinating in public. When we got to the house my dad was cooking. He gave me a hug and told me my mom would be okay. My mom’s hospital stay was making him lose weight shem. I told Glenda and dad that I wanted to rest a bit. When I got to my old bedroom my phone beeped. It was a Whatsapp text from a number I didn’t recognize.


The person sent me Location. I checked address and it was at the Mpofu house.




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