Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 26

Marriage on the Rox


Chapter 26


People will tell you to be strong when your husband cheats. Until you experience it you will think ‘being strong’ is very easy. Batho ba Modimo, go jelwa is not nice. It takes time for the heart to heal, especially if you are one of those women who thought their men were saints. I quickly checked the number on TruCaller and it failed to identify. I called the number and it showed it was busy on the line. I wondered why a person would send me a Location of my in-laws’ house out of the blue. The first person I suspected was the girl I had a fight with earlier. She was probably trying to show me she was back at the house. I called Lesley and his number was also busy on the line. I called the landline and no one answered. I tried the Location number again and a female voice answered. It was a familiar voice. “I was busy on a call when you called. I just wanted to tell you that I had a meeting with your husband at his father’s house,” she said. If it was possible to send a nuclear bomb via a phone I would have sent one at that stage. Ayanda had a nerve of a witch. After everything she had done to me she still had the guts to visit my husband in my absence. She was the reason I had trust and insecurity issues. Imagine being hundreds of miles away and you learn that the woman who slept with your man had just held a meeting with him. I said “Ayanda, A A A A A A Ayanda, you are pushing it too far now. You are declaring a war and I will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Lesley is my husband and I am not going to let a loose hoe like you steal him from me. I am driving back to Joburg and when I get there I am gonna kill you with my bare hands”. I could feel my heart was about to burst. My body went stiff and I lost the control of my fingers. My phone fell on the floor and I followed it. There was a sharp pain in my heart and I felt like someone was ripping my ribs apart. I tried to reach for my phone but my body failed me.



I opened my eyes and saw Lesley and his mother next to my bed. “Welcome back babe. I was scared you were going to leave me. I thank God you are back babe”. I asked where I was and what happened. Lesley’s mother told me I was in hospital. I wanted to ask more questions but Lesley told me to stop because I was still weak. For several minutes I tried to think what led to my hospitalization but my memory failed me. There were no any signs of physical injuries on me. My mother-in-law told her son that she was going to check up on my mother. I asked if my mother was fine and Lesley told me her health improved. As soon as his mother disappeared Lesley went “you know, for the first time since we got married, I feel more in love with you than ever. I noticed last night that the stupid mistakes we do in life have a potential to hurt those who love and care about us. I sat next to you the whole night praying for you to come back to me”. He was sobbing as he said that. I asked him what really happened and he told me the doctor said he shouldn’t say anything. I told him I wanted to know. He went “yesterday I called Ayanda to the house because I wanted to sort things out….as part of my healing process. I asked her to come with her new boyfriend. They came and we sat down to talk about what happened. We both acknowledged what happened was wrong and we should not have done it in the first place. Ayanda called to apologise to you but before she could your heart failed and you fainted. I drove to Polokwane last night. All I wanted to do was to put the past behind us and concentrate on building our marriage. Please forgive me babe”. It was then that I remembered what happened. What troubled me was why didn’t Ayanda go straight to the point instead of sending me Locations and beating about the bush? My husband didn’t do any wrong. Ayanda was the reason I was in hospital. I was the one on the hospital bed but my heart felt sorry for Lesley. He was crying in a very emotional way. I reached for his hand and told him I was not angry at him.


I was at the hospital until the following day when the doctor discharged me. Lesley was with me the whole time. The nurse that was helping me gave Lesley some unnecessary smiles. I said “hey wena mnyamane, why are you looking at my man like that? Is your job to take care of me or to look at my husband? Nxa no wonder they pay you peanuts, le rata banna ba batho”. Lesley told me that what I did was not necessary. He helped to pack the little things I had at the hospital and we walked to his car. I wanted to see my mother before leaving but Lesley advised me against it. He didn’t want my mother to see that I was also hospitalized. He was worried her condition would worsen. Lesley’s mother came to the car to tell us that she would be staying in Polokwane for couple of days because someone had to be there for my mom. I felt bad she came back to Polokwane for me. Not many mothers-in-law can do that. I apologised for inconveniencing her and she said “you are my daughter. We will have a woman-to-woman talk when I come back to Joburg. Lesley, please drive safely my son. Your dad is flying back to Joburg today. Please make sure he does not ask Tshwarelo about that deal”. MaMpofu was one in a million. Even when I was wrong she took my side. Lesley and I hit the road back to Joburg. I asked where Glenda was and he told me she used public transport to go back to her crib. I asked about my car and he told me his mom would be using it. I was glad Les had everything sorted out. I apologised again for overreacting and told me we should forget about the past and concentrate on the future. We didn’t share a bedroom room that night because of the treatment he was undergoing. He performed his hubby duties for the period I was recovering. He made sure I took my medication and fed me like I was a baby. I told him I should have heart problems more often and he laughed. My mom’s health improved and she got discharged. When I fully recovered Lesley went back to work. I wanted to cry because I enjoyed having him around 24/7. One day when Lesley was at work his father summoned me to the Mpofu mansion. He even sent a driver to fetch me. When I got to the house I found the girl I fought with there.


Mr Mpofu said “I want you to apologise to her, NOW”.




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