Marriage on the Rox – Chapter 27

Marriage on the Rox


Chapter 27


We are always told that forgiving someone who wronged you gives you a peace of mind. It takes the yoke off your shoulder. The same thing goes for apologizing. When you apologise to the person you wronged your mind get freed. I looked at my father-in-law and said “thank you daddy. She must apologise. She humiliated me in my own home. My crime was to ask her what she was doing here. Instead of answering me she started beating me. I demand an apology right now”. Daddy looked at me with visible disgust in his eyes. He said “no, you do not understand me. You are the one who should apologise unconditionally. I asked Lesley what happened and also viewed the CCTV footage. You were wrong and I want you to apologise right now. I must remind you that you are an in-law in this house. I am not going to argue with you. Are we clear?”. I was disappointed Lesley told his father I was wrong. I expected him to take my side. I didn’t care much about what his father wanted to do because I knew it had business all over it. I was saddened by the fact that by own husband chose another woman’s version over mine. I looked down and said “I am very sorry for the way I behaved. I should have treated you like the way we treat all Mpofu guests. Hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. It will not happen again”. I knew arguing with Rooibos was going to make things worse for me. Like I said before, Rooibos was a proud African man. He didn’t believe in arguing with women. The lady went “I forgive you Mrs Mpofu. It takes a bigger person to apologise when they are wrong. Maybe we should do coffee in future when my diary allows. I know yours is clear because you are a house wife”. I tried my best to arrest my hands. I wanted to beat her up in front of my father-in-law. Rooibos went “speaking of coffee, please make us some rooibos and coffee”. I called the helper’s name and Rooibos pointed me to the kitchen. He wanted me to be the one making coffee and rooibos. If I had a poison right there I would have used it. Imagine after being forced to apologise he made me make tea for another girl.



When I got to the kitchen I called Lesley. He went “hello my gorgeous wife”. I wanted to tell him what his dad did but his words softened me. I told him I was just checking up on him. He asked where I was and I told him Mpofu mansion. He went “hope you are not angry about what my father did. You know he wouldn’t force you to apologise if it wasn’t important. You know we need money and that girl is our key to the deal my dad has been chasing”. I was mad but I told him it was not a big deal. He thanked me for putting the family first. After the call I prepared rooibos for Rooibos and coffee for Ms Fake. I took a spoon and rubbed my punani with it. I used it to stir Ms Fake’s coffee. I looked at her as she drank it. She went “you should open your own coffee shop. It’s better than sitting at home watching Nigerian movies the whole day. This coffee is very nice”. I asked Mr Mpofu if I should leave and he told me to wait for Lesley to knock off. He wanted to have a talk with us. I went to Lesley’s old bedroom. I called my mother-in-law to ask how things were in Polokwane. She told me my mom was home and getting better. I asked if she was coming back anytime soon and she told me she was still enjoying Limpopo. That woman loved my mom with all her heart. She went “I spoke to Lesley few minutes ago. He told me they made you apologise to the girl. We married into powerful families, mntanami. I have done so many things against my heart for this family. You will get used as time goes on. Don’t let it get to you”. MaMpofu always knew how to make me feel better. After talking to my mother-in-law I took a nap. There was nothing to do in that house. I was woken up by the helper. She told me Mr Lesley and his father wanted to see me. I checked my phone and it was after 5pm. I went back downstairs and found Lesley and his father talking about ANC politics. Lesley was advising his father not to contest for any position because of the political assassinations happening in some provinces.


When they saw me Rooibos said “today you proved me that you deserve to be part of this family. Your apology was very important to me. I am going to fund a holiday for you and Lesley. You can go anywhere you want and I will pay”. He was in high spirits. You would swear he was not the one who was dictating me to apologise earlier. I didn’t breathe a word. Powerful men like Mpofu are very unpredictable. One wrong word and he relegates you to the second division. Lesley asked if that was all he called us for and he said no. He continued “I have been thinking about this for couple of weeks now. I think your wife is bored at home. After getting this deal we gonna have to open an office in Mpumalanga. I think she should help Peter to oversee the project. She will be based in Mpumalanga for the duration of the contract”. Lesley was so happy for me. You would swear he was not the one who once told me there was no need for me to work because he took care of me. Mr Mpofu asked how I felt about it and I told him I was over the moon. Lesley went “babe, I can imagine you wearing formal and telling your staff what to do. Mmmmhhhh I can’t wait you, know”. We celebrated the good news with champagne. Lesley and I left around 8pm. We took a bath together when we got to our house. I asked if he and the girl I fought with were close. He asked why I was asking and I said “she seems to know a lot about me. She told me I am a house wife that spends the whole day watching movies. If she is just a business partner, how come she knows so much about my person life? Who told her?”. Lesley told me it was probably his father because he never discussed any personal stuff with her. I asked if he had her number and he said yes. I asked how often he called her and he went “you are starting again. I thought things were back to normal but here you are with your insecurities again. Babe, I married you because I love you. Why must you always worry about other people? Your insecurity is not sexy”.


I got out of the bathtub and said “tell your dad I am rejecting his offer. You want to send me away so you can sleep with that girl in my house. It is not going to happen. I am fine being a housewife”.




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