My Rich Nigerian Boo – Chapter 10

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me” – Carol Burnett



New relationships can be stroppy because you don’t know what to expect from your new partner, especially if the person has some dodgy friends. “Ifechi, this is money? Whole lot of it!!!! I have never seen something like this since I was born. I can buy more than 1000 Brazilian weaves with this money,” I said with hands on my head. The bag was full of R200 notes packed nicely. He laughed at me like I was a kid. I asked why he was laughing and he held my hand. “You see, you must stop thinking like a typical South African slay queen. Why do you want to buy 1000 weaves?” Ifechi asked. I didn’t have an answer for his question. I felt so stupid.




“Well, you are Ifechi’s girl now, you must upgrade your thinking. You said you can do whatever I ask you to do right? I want you to take this money and deliver it to a business partner in Durban. He will be waiting for you at the hotel,” Ifechi said brushing my thighs. The thought of money and his hand on my thigh made me feel a bit happy in right places. I tried to kiss him but he shifted his mouth. I asked why he did that and he told me he wanted to discuss business first. I didn’t even know I was his business partner. “Babe, I want you. Can we discuss business after a round? I am so wet I want you right now. Please ride me,” I said licking my lips. He put his hand in my dress and moved it up. He touched the right area and my blood ran to between legs. I closed my eyes and hissed like a snake. “I love you babe. Please make me happy,” I said.



Out of the blue, he took his hand out of my dress and told me to pay attention to what he was saying. I was pissed because the alcohol I had made me want a dick between my thighs right away. “Palesa, there is time for fun but now we have to discuss business. Can you do me that favour? I will give you R30 000,” Ifechi said. The mention of R30 000 made me forget about pipi. We all love money, it’s not only Eastern Cape girls. I asked why he was not transferring the money via the bank and he told me his business partner in Durban preferred hard cash. I agreed to take the assignment. He took three stashes from the bag and handed to me. I asked what the money was for, and he told me it was my payment for the assignment I was about to take. Damn, he didn’t waste time. I put the money in my handbag.



“Now we can have fun. You know what, I think we have a brighter future ahead. If you continue like this you will be a millionaire before the end of this year,” he said pulling my dress up. I felt like he was taking forever. I was at an advanced stage of wetness. I helped him to take the dress off. When he took his clothes off I almost fainted with joy. His body was to die for. He looked like a model from Jamaica. His dick was, ohhhh my gosh. I lay on my back and stretched my legs. It took him almost a minute to put on a condom because his dick was very big. When he was done with the condom business he lay on top of me and directed his big dick to my wetness. To my shock, it didn’t struggle to get in. Anyway, if it can take a baby out a dick is nothing. He went on for twenty minutes. He was so good I came twice.



I don’t remember what happened afterwards but when I opened my eyes I was alone in the bedroom. The noise from downstairs was gone. I checked my phone and the clock showed me 5:00 a.m. It was quite clear that I passed out after shagging Ifechi. I was so pressed. Luckily the bedroom had a bathroom. I quickly ran there to pee. As I was peeing I noticed something in the bathtub. I took a closer look and noticed it was a human finger. It looked fresh and a bit bloodied. I puked on the spot. I wondered how a human finger landed in the bathroom of a bedroom I was sleeping in. After puking I flushed and ran back to the bedroom. I tried to close my eyes but the finger I saw in the bathtub kept opening them. Fear took over my brain. What made matters worse was I didn’t even know where Ifechi was.



I quickly got dressed and opened the bedroom door. I wanted to go investigate where the person I shagged was. Before I could take two steps I saw Ifechi appearing from the stairs. He smiled and asked where I was going so early in the morning. I told him I was going to look for him. “Nuh babe, I left an hour ago to go for a jog. I didn’t want to disturb you because you were sleeping peacefully. I jog every morning around 4am. I will take you will next time if you are game,” he said. He was wearing running shoes. He squeezed my butt and led me back to the bedroom. As soon as we got in the bedroom I asked, “I saw a human finger in the bathtub. Do you know anything about it, Ifechi?” I asked with my eyes looking straight into his.



His eyes turned red on the spot.





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