My Rich Nigerian Boo – Chapter 12

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – Dwight Eisenhower


Criminals are very smart. They know we love our family members. Before they engage in any deal they do a background check on your family. If you try to betray them their next stop will be your family. What we see in movies with gangsters kidnapping kids of millionaires and dissents is not just fiction, it happens in real life. These ruthless people will kidnap your child just to force you to do something for them. The video of my brother playing soccer on the street next to our house shook me. They had done their homework very well and had me where they wanted. I had no choice but to give in to their demands. I loved my younger brother with everything I had. I was not going to lose him because of my mistakes. He was innocent and I had to do everything in my power to protect him. I literally left everything I was doing and ran downstairs. He saw me before I could see him and waved. I got in the car and looked at his face. I did not even try to hide my anger. By the look of things, he didn’t give a damn.


“Ifechi, I thought you were different from all of them. I believed you when you lied about loving me. You are just like all Nigerians who see South African girls as nothing but a bunch of objects to be used for your underworld business. I was starting to fall for you. I thought you and I could have a brighter future together. I am so disappointed it was all a lie. May God bless you,” I said with tears in my eyes. He didn’t seem to give a rat’s behind. “Look, there is no time to talk now. I am running against time. Pay back the money so I can make means to drive to Durban to deliver to the client. If you ever say anything to wrong people you will be brotherless. That is a promise I am going to keep if you force my hand,” he said. I could see in his eyes that he was not joking. Some people are ruthless. How does a normal person threaten to take a life of an innocent boy and feel nothing? The world is indeed coming to an end. I told him I spent the money on shopping. He burst out laughing.



“Typical South African slay queen. All you know is spending money on shopping. Do you even have investment and savings accounts? Look, I don’t care what you did or how much you spent. I want my money in the next 10 minutes or your brother will die? Do you understand?” His laughter was substituted by a very serious and threatening facial expression. I thought he was going to hit me. I told him there was no way I was going to raise R26K in 10 minutes. On top of that, I was not willing to part way we the stuff I bought in Sandton. Maybe guys don’t know this, women gets emotionally attached to their clothes. He shook his head to show he was not agreeing with whatever I was saying. “It’s fine Ifechi, you win. I will take your merchandise to Durban. Please promise you will stay away from me and my family when I am done with your stupid mission. I don’t want anything to do with you or any Nigerian on earth. I regret opening my heart to you. You are trash,” I said. I was crying louder at that stage and he didn’t give a dam.


“I knew you were a smart girl. I love people who love their family. We don’t have time. You gonna use this car to drive to Durban. I will give you all details when you get to Durban. There is money in a bag in the boot. Should cops stop you, give them whatever they want. If they are white try to be very sweet. If they arrest you, you don’t know me. Are we clear?” he charged. I nodded without uttering any word. He was the boss and I was nothing to him. I was just some naughty girl who was caught in a web of things far above my level. He walked me to my place to change clothes and fetch my licence. He looked at the shopping bags on my bed and said, “You are a smart girl Palesa. If you want, this can be your life. You can go shopping all over the world every month. I have capacity to sponsor it,” he said walking to the bathroom. I had an idea while he was in the bathroom. I undressed and lay on the bed on my back. Men will always be men, when they see pussy they go crazy. I knew there was no way he was going to say no to me. He opened the bathroom door and paused for a second. I knew my plan was about to work when his pants started swelling. He licked his lips and walked towards me. “This is all yours. You can find another person for your assignment. I will be the girl that makes you happy after a long day at the office. I know you want this badly. Come eat me tiger,” I said seductively. He took off his pants and threw himself to the bed.


He whispered, “Durban girl, Durban.”




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